Watch as Apple CEO Tim Cook welcomes customers as he opens the doors to India’s first Apple store in Mumbai.

Apple has opened its first retail store in India. The store was officially inaugurated by Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apple boasts that this store is one of the most eco-friendly, as it will be carbon neutral and run exclusively on renewable energy.

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the doors to the first Apple retail store in India on Tuesday, amidst cheers from thousands of Apple admirers and tech enthusiasts. On Tuesday afternoon, Apple devices will be available for testing and purchase at the Jio World Drive complex in the Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC) in Mumbai. Apple’s retail store in India is a significant move towards expanding its offline presence and competing with Samsung.

Apple CEO Tim Cook

To commemorate the inauguration of its first store in India, Apple created a special playlist on the Apple Music app and issued new iPhone wallpapers.

It contains approximately 4.5 million wood components collected in Delhi. In addition to the mosaic flooring, the store’s interior features a 14-meter-long stainless steel staircase and two grey stone walls, all of which were sourced from Rajasthan.

The store will carry all Apple products currently available in India, including MacBooks, iPhones, iPads, and wearables. In addition, Apple Arcade, Apple HomePod, Apple Music, and Apple TV+ are included. The inauguration of the store is Apple’s next major step in expanding its presence in India.

The 100-person staff at the BKC store is fluent in over 20 languages, is familiar with every Apple product, and can guide customers through the necessary technology.