What a wonderful time it is to live in India right now. The CEO of Snapdeal provides “Insight” on startups

Co-founder of AceVector Group (Snapdeal, Unicommerce, and Stellaro), Kunal Bahl, issued a warning against being unduly critical of start-ups that are frequently criticised for “burning funds” while highlighting the ways that Indian start-ups are affecting millions of lives and generating employment.

“We are energised and enthusiastic about the future. What a moment it is to be living in India now…” At a recent event, AceVector Group co-founder Kunal Bahl, who founded Snapdeal, Unicommerce, and Stellaro, shared this opinion.

Isha Insight: The DNA of Success, the flagship course of the Isha Leadership Academy, is in its eleventh year. Bahl said: “Our nation is the most digitally advanced in the world. Outside of India, no one has heard of UPI or ONDC, Aadhaar, Account Aggregator India Stack, or India Health Stack. And for us, this is just the beginning. We are energised and enthusiastic about the future. What a moment it is to be living in India now.”

Bahl discussed how a vibrant startup scene and a new generation of entrepreneurs are propelling India forward.

Bahl reflected on his early struggles to win over investors and remarked, “I think our country needs believers who would irrationally believe in crazy people. He issued a warning against being too harsh on startups, who are sometimes criticised for “burning funds,” pointing out how Indian startups are helping to create jobs and have an impact on millions of people’s lives.

Speaking candidly about his financial decisions, Kunal explained that he viewed his start-up investments as a chance to give back to society. “The majority of software products purchased globally over the next 20 years will be Made In India. And that will be a time for all of us to feel extremely proud “Kunal expressed his trust in the developing start-up ecosystem.

Kunal is presently investing in more healthcare start-ups as a result of his personal experience with the appalling healthcare infrastructure in what is considered the best hospital in New Delhi. If our country doesn’t have good health, what will we do with money, UPI, ONDC, companies, and VC funding?, questioned Kunal.

Kunal gave thanks to his humble personal lifestyle, which he maintained despite his success, when questioned about how to acquire the capacity to withstand shocks. Whatever level of success may have come our way, he continued, “we never allowed personal lifestyle evolve in pace with it.” This, in his opinion, enhanced a family’s capacity to handle shock “because you know that your own lifestyle will not be affected,” giving oneself considerable mental fortitude to deal with any form of financial or professional shock.