Binge worthy shows on Netflix

Netflix is a platform that is full of interesting shows. With the arrival of OTT platforms like Netflix it has become much easier to watch programs of various genres or cultures. There are a lot of English speaking programs or shows which are not very appreciated by the English speaking viewers of Netflix or the Americans though a lot of them have great reviews from the critics.

Here is a list of must-watch international shows available on Netflix:

  • Unorthodox

Unorthodox is a show available on Netflix which is kind of based on the autobiography of Debora Feldman, 2012. This is a Yiddish series making the viewers have a sight of a not so familiar culture.

  • Dark

Dark is an extremely popular German show available on Netflix. The story revolves around four families who start to search for their children and in the process their secrets are unexpectedly brought into the light. The show portrays amazing acting skills and has a shocking yet interesting tale to watch.

  • Osmosis

This show is almost like watching an episode of Black Mirror. The story revolves around a dating app that helps people to meet their soulmates. However, when things start to get sentient, all of the things start to get disorganized.

  • Money Heist

This Spanish Netflix show is one of the most popular shows in the world. The story revolves around a criminal who is a mastermind and plans the biggest theft ever happened in the history of the world. To execute the plan he also appoints 8 individuals having different abilities.

  • Elite

The Spanish series revolves around a private school and the clashes between the wealthy students and the working class on scholarship where one of the students is murdered. The show tries to portray a guilty-pleasure mystery of some sense and is interesting to watch. 

  • Kingdom 

This South Korean series is a thrilling combination of The Walking Dead and period dramas. The story revolves around a crown Prince who has to discover the illness the king is suffering from. The disease starts to spread throughout the entire country as the prince fight for the people of his Kingdom & his throne.

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