Blackpink Rule Over Spotify


The title track Shut Down and the second studio album BORN PINK by the Pink Venom singers were released together on Friday, September 16, 2022. Shut Down premiered at the coveted top spot on Spotify’s Global Chart, adding to the group’s extensive list of achievements.

On September 16, the day of its release, the engaging title track received over 6.6 million streams. With a total of 1,037,386 streams, it received the most ruling attention in the US.

The biggest music market in the world has undeniably embraced BLACKPINK after their recent round of promotional activities there. With more than 5 million listens, the pre-release song Pink Venom is currently positioned at number 2.

Blackpink’s global success 

YG Entertainment founded the South Korean girl group Blackpink. Although the group’s initial member started working for the label as a trainee in 2010, they didn’t officially debut until August 2016, when they put out their first single album, Square One.

The group’s music is primarily a mashup of K-pop, EDM, and hip hop, while some of their tracks, such as “As If It’s Your Last,” have been dubbed as having a “mixed genre of music” feel.

Blackpink’s songs, which discuss independence and vulnerability, their bilingual lyrics, and their compelling stage presence are largely responsible for their fame. Blackpink is known for the manner their music videos are designed, or the “concepts” for each music release. Blackpink frequently uses five or six entirely separate concepts in their music videos, as opposed to the two or three concepts that some K-pop videos may have.

iTunes history with K-pop’s biggest girl group 

In 60 different nations, Born Pink also topped the Apple Music charts. It still continues to rule.

Blackpink became the first female group to sell over a million copies of an album on the first day of release when Hanteo statistics revealed that this album sold an astounding total of 1,011,266 copies on September 16, the first day of release. With that, they were able to surpass the mark they had previously achieved with their album The Album from 2020.

This information was released around the same time that Blackpink surpassed The Chainmokers to take over as the ninth group with the most monthly Spotify listeners.

The most tracks simultaneously charting on Spotify’s Global Daily Chart Top 10 in 2022 belong to Blackpink. They also maintain their lead as the female group that has received the most Spotify streams this year, ahead of TWICE and Little Mix.

In addition, BORN PINK is now Aespa’s 2nd mini album Girls’ closest competitor as the second most streamed album by a female group released in 2022 on Spotify.

What to expect from Blackpink’s comeback

  16th September marks Blackpink’s powerful comeback. Blackpink released their second full-length album, BORN PINK, marking their comeback. Following the release of their first full-length album, The Record, in 2016, this is their first album in almost two years.

Along with the release of their new album, YG did guarantee that the group will embark on “the largest globe tour in the history of a K-pop girl group.” The band first disclosed the tour dates on August 8 after announcing at the end of July that it would begin in October. The journey will start on October 15 in Seoul and travel via North America, Europe, and Asia. An additional date announcement may have been made, according to the social media statement.

Well, the girl band is definitely serving after giving us a look into their solo projects. Needless to say that the Blinks are exceptionally pleased with all the fan services.