Top 5 Celebrities Attacked on Stage

Top 5 Celebrities Attacked on Stage

Crazy fans come with the territory when you’re a huge celebrity, and sometimes celebrities attacked on stage by fans go too far in their admiration. We have compiled a list of 5 of the most embarrassing and scary incidents of celebrities being attacked on stage. Stars including Demi Lovato, Justin Bieber, and Beyonce have all been attacked by fans during their performances.

It’s reasonable that any devoted fangirl or boy would have a nervous breakdown in front of their favorite celebrity — but there’s a big difference between freaking out and gently asking for a selfie and turning into a maniac and attacking your favorite like a football linebacker. Unfortunately, some well-intentioned fans overstep their boundaries.

List of Celebrities Attacked on Stage 

  1. Michael Jackson 
Top 5 Celebrities Attacked on Stage

Michael Jackson is known for caring more about his fans, even those who rush the stage, than for himself. During a 1996 concert in Seoul, South Korea, a fan leaped from the audience not only to the stage but also to the crane that was carrying Jackson high over the audience. Jackson held on to the fan out of worry for his safety, but continued to sing and perform throughout the journey. For that rule-breaking fan, Jackson, and everyone else in attendance, it was an unforgettable celebrity attack on stage.

  1. Kurt Cobain 
Kurt Cobain's MTV Unplugged Guitar to Be Auctioned Off Despite Drama

You don’t always have to be concerned about the crowd. Kurt Cobain rushed into the crowd to body-surf during an early rendition of “Love Buzz” – until one of the bouncers forcefully tried to pull him out. Cobain’s Fender Jaguar collides with the bouncer’s skull as he pushes him off, prompting the bouncer to retaliate against the grunge pioneer. Reeling Cobain back to the stage, the bouncer went full thug on him, punching the guitarist to the ground and kicking at him while he’s got him there until he himself is dealt with by the audience … and all 6’7” of Krist Novoselic. This is one of the most memorable celebrities attacked on stage.  

  1. XXXTentacion 

While this might be another case of a random audience member attacking a celebrity on stage, some believe that the 2017 attack on XXXTentacion, which left the controversial rapper unconscious, was linked to one of the star’s numerous beef. As he was rushed from the side at a show in San Diego, which also happens to be Rob Stone’s birthplace, some local fans immediately blamed the rival rapper. Whatever the cause, security appears to have given the attacker a good thrashing as XXXTentacion was brought offstage.

  1. Britney Spears

When there are celebrities attacked on stage, some celebs carry on as if nothing happened. Others, like Britney Spears in 2009 at a concert in Connecticut, are clearly shaken, if only for a little while. A fan joined the apparently choreographed melee when Spears was performing “Womanizer.” Britney trembled significantly when she realized he wasn’t going to be in her planned performance. The fan was dealt with by security and her dancers — who were dressed as sexy cops, oddly – so he couldn’t touch the celebrity. Another fan leaped on stage during a Britney event in 2017, but security was much faster this time.

  1. Beyonce 

While most people understand that you don’t mess with Queen Bey, one shirtless fan in Brazil did not receive the memo. Not only did he mess with Beyoncé, but he also tried to drag her into the crowd as she was singing on the island-style stage in 2013, only to be prevented by security. Sasha Fierce, on the other hand, calmly kept performing, barely skipping a beat. She shook the fan’s hand when it was over before moving on to the next song, demonstrating that there were no hard feelings and that she is the class act everyone believes she is.

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