Christopher Nolan’s next project

Filmmaker Christopher Nolan’s next project is on J Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist during the time of World War 2.

The filmmaker is currently working on the project which is going to be based on J Robert Oppenheimer an American based theoretical physicist. Oppenheimer had help in developing the atomic bomb during the Second World war.

As per the reports of the Hollywood reporter, a lot of major studios have started vying for this big project, the Warner Bros have automatically set up studios for the movie. So the director has even talked to studios including Universal, Paramount & Sony.

The discussions for the movie are still going on with Warner Bros, the studio that has supported and backed every movie of Nolan since Insomnia which was formed in 2002.

The relationship that the filmmaker shared with Warner Bros had deteriorated last year after Nolan showed his dissatisfaction towards the studio as it moved its slate of 2021 to HBO Max streaming release & day-to-day theatrical.

All the details of the plot are sketchy, the film will have its focus on Oppenheimer, the person who is considered to be the father of atomic bombs.  Oppenheimer was the central figure of the Manhattan Project or the development of 1stnuclear weapons during World war 2.The famous filmmaker and director Christopher Nolan has recently directed Tenet, a spy thriller. The movie starred Dimple Kapadia, Kenneth Branagh and Michael Caine. After the lockdown which was in force due to the coronavirus pandemic, Tenet was the very first Hollywood movie to hit theatres. The movie was about objects that can be manipulated to be used as weapons in the future fall into evil hands and D protagonist who is a CIA you operative has to save the world. The movie was a science-fiction directed by Christopher Nolan.

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