Cloudflare Outage – Discord, Canva and 500 Other Sites were Brought Down Briefly

Cloudflare Outage - Discord, Canva and 500 Other Sites were Brought Down Briefly

Cloudfare secures your external-facing resources, such as websites, APIs, and applications. It protects your in-house assets, including teams, devices, and apps that run behind a firewall. You can create internationally scalable applications on it as well.

According to its status page, Cloudflare had an outage on Tuesday morning. As per Downdetector, the outage appeared to affect a number of websites, including Discord, Shopify, Grindr, Fitbit, and Peloton. Cloudflare’s technology also powers several other websites and services on the internet. Around 2:30 AM ET, reports of problems began to surface. At 4:06 AM ET, according to Cloudflare, the problem had been fixed.

Users of Cloudflare’s own DNS lookup service experienced the most trouble. Several Verge employees discovered that using Cloudflare’s DNS service prevented them from being able to access any websites during the outage. Thankfully, the solution is simple: just modify your DNS settings. We discovered that reverting to my ISP’s default DNS settings was all it took to fix most of the issues.

Cloudflare Outage - Discord, Canva and 500 Other Sites were Brought Down Briefly

Similar problems have already affected Cloudflare, most notably in July and August 2020. A business that promotes its services as a solution to decrease downtime doesn’t seem good.

On Twitter, Cloudflare acknowledged the problem and provided updates on the outage’s progress. The problem appears to have been fixed for the majority of the affected websites, according to the most recent report.

When attempting to access the page or any specific associated pages to the main site that was down during the outage, the majority of users encountered a “500 Internal Server Error.” Cloudflare stated that “the incident impacts all data plane services in our network” in one of the updates outlining the problem.

A group of servers that collaborate to distribute content on the internet quickly is called a content delivery network, and one well-known one is called Cloudflare. Most websites utilize content delivery networks because they improve web performance and boost internet security.

Websites Affected by the Cloudflare Outage

Sites including Shopify, Zerodha, and the well-known battle royale shooting game Valorant were all down simultaneously, according to Down Detector, a website that monitors webpage outages. This was probably caused by the Cloudflare outage.

Additionally impacted were Twitter, Amazon Web Services, Udemy, Splunk, Quora, DoorDash, Upstox, Groww, and Crunchyroll. Some crypto exchanges, such Coinbase, WazirX, and   Bitfinex, among others had also been hit by the outage.

The majority of the above-mentioned websites are now back and running.

Why it Happened?

19 data centers that handle a significant amount of our global traffic were impacted by the outage, which had an impact on traffic.

According to Cloudflare, this disruption was brought on by a modification made as part of an ongoing project to improve resilience in its busiest locations.

“Over the last 18 months, Cloudflare has been working to convert all of our busiest locations to a more flexible and resilient architecture. In this time, we’ve converted 19 of our data centers to this architecture,” the company said in a blog post.

“As these locations also carry a significant proportion of the Cloudflare traffic, any problem here can have a very wide impact, and unfortunately, that’s what happened today,” it added.

“Security teams that rely on Cloudflare Access can now verify a user’s Apple device before they access a sensitive application — no additional software required.”

The business, which last week experienced a similar outage in various regions of the world, didn’t say what caused the problem. The company’s chief technology officer, John Graham-Cumming, earlier today stated in a Hacker News thread that while the outage did not touch all of the world, it did affect “a lot of places.”

According to DownDetector, a crowdsourced web monitoring platform that analyses outages, users have also reported having trouble using Coinbase, Shopify, and League of Legends.

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