Pixar’s Mama Coco Inspiration Dies


Pixar’s alged Coco mama  inspiration passes away at 109. Mara Salud Ramrez Caballero, who is thought to have served as the model for Pixar’s Mama Coco figure in the animated film Coco, has passed away at the age of 109.

Roberto Monroy, who is the secretary of the Michoacán state tourism in Mexico, gave the news of her expiry on Sunday, October 16. The actual reason for death was not made public. Monroy paid tribute to the potter woman as “the inspiration” for the “beloved persona” of Mama Coco in a tweet shared on the platform.

The Michoacan Tourism announces her death through Twitter

Roberto Monroy, the Michoacan state of Mexico’s secretary of tourism, announced her passing on Twitter. Caballero took her last breath at Santa Fe de la Laguna, where she was brought up.

Santa Fe de la Laguna gained notoriety as a result of her popularity, which helped the neighborhood’s tourism business by bringing in a sizable number of tourists. Caballero previously said that she didn’t seek fame or wealth but that when the movie came out, her life did.

Reports tell that the Coco coalition traveled to Mexico to inspiration for their characters

In order to find inspiration for the Rivera family, Coco director and co-writer Lee Unkrich and his team reportedly spent two years traveling to the Mexican provinces of Oaxaca and Guanajuato. The Caballero family insists that Mama Coco’s appearance was based on Mara’s likeness because she was photographed by a member of the production team.

These assertions have never been verified by Disney or Pixar. The team did take pictures of the family to replicate “real-world families with whom they embedded while visiting the Mexican states of Oaxaca and Guanajuato between 2011 and 2013,” as per The New York Times.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the movie’s director, Lee Unkrich, claimed that Mama Coco was not based on any genuine people they saw while traveling.

The plot

The plot revolves around a small kid who aspires to make music and starts having conversation with skeletons.  The movie is directed by Lee Unkrich (“Toy Story 3”) and seasoned Pixar animator Adrian Molina and features a convoluted but understandable plot, catchy music, media satire, and a strong emphasis on Mexican folklore and traditional artwork.

The majority of the film is a slapstick comedy with a “Back to the Future” vibe, staging large action sequences and giving audiences new plot information every few minutes. However, being a Pixar movie, “Coco” is also subtly building up to emotionally taxing moments, so you might be surprised to find yourself crying.

Mama Coco character synopsis

Mama Coco can be described as an “almighty grandmother. In the living Rivera household, she is the dominant voice, and her word is final. She adamantly refuses to let Miguel experience the music of any type, and no one else can speak out to stop her, which leads to a lot of friction at the beginning of the movie.

The strict, no-nonsense matriarch of the Riveras who yet genuinely cares about and loves every member of the family. She also appears to fit the stereotype because she is a stocky woman dressed in an apron.

Given how much Imelda and the Riveras despised music, it’s not a good idea to do anything musically related around her, especially with Ernesto de la Cruz. at least until the movie’s conclusion.

A potter who fashioned pots and other items out of clay, Maria Salud Ramirez Caballero was born on September 16, 1913, and she sold her creations to the villagers. After supposedly serving as the model for Mama Coco in the Coco animated movie by Disney Pixar, she gained notoriety.