Top 8 Netflix Original Series of 2022 So Far

Top 8 Netflix Original Series of 2022 So Far

Just in a blink of an eye, a new half-year of Netflix original series is available to watch.  Did you miss the green light for watching Squid Game? Or, never mustered the courage to give Sex Education a try? Oh well! These shows are already a distant memory since there are already hours, days, and weeks’ worth of fresh Netflix original content available.

For new seasons, fans may look forward to returning favourites like Bridgerton, Stranger Things, The Umbrella Academy, and Ozark as well as unexpected successes like Inventing Anna. There is truly something in that tiny red rectangle for everyone. Read through our ranking of the top Netflix original series of 2022 when you’re ready to start a new binge or simply watch an old favourite again. So far, of course.

Top Netflix Original Series 2022

  1. Archive 81

Archive 81 is the ideal watch if you’re one of the many great lovers of cult narratives or one of the numerous addicts to unsettling podcasts. An archivist who has been tasked with recovering a number of broken tapes quickly finds out that the recordings are of a satanic cult. He will need to fight against falling into the trap himself while he searches for the truth.

  1. After Life

Fans may find it difficult to say goodbye to this dark comedy, whose final season was released in January, given that it is centred around grieving. Tony, a widower who must navigate life after losing his wife, is portrayed by Ricky Gervais, who also serves as the series director and writer. Tony experiences a fresh grieving journey in the most recent set of episodes as he processes the loss of his father.

  1. Ozark 

Most of us wouldn’t have believed Jason Bateman would be the lead in the upcoming gripping television drama years ago. (Not all predictions were accurate.) However, in the fourth and last season of Ozark, America’s favourite criminal duo met the end of their scheming this spring. At least on Netflix, though. The details of the finale remain to be seen.

  1. Inventing Anna 

They hate to see a girl boss winning, as the Internet keeps reminding us. This is especially true if the girl boss is a scammer. No, we’re not talking about Elizabeth Holmes; instead, we’re referring to Anna Delvey, who is regarded to be New York’s favourite fake heiress. After being arrested in 2017, Delvey’s life of glitz and grand theft took a sharp turn. The controversial Shondaland dramatization, which stars Julia Garner, Anna Chlumsky, and Laverne Cox, is based on Jessica Pressler’s widely circulated exposé for The Cut.

  1. Love is Blind 

Love Is Blind, a reality dating show that began in 2020 and seems to be built specifically for love in the Covid-19 era, has returned for the second season of pod romances. The new season maintained the same premise as the previous one, in which candidates got to know one another without being able to meet one another. However, this season is full of fresh surprises.

  1. Viking: Valhalla

Vikings: Valhalla on the History Channel is a surefire thriller, regardless of your level of historical knowledge or whether you only recognize Leif Erickson’s name from that Spongebob episode. The series, which follows the Vikings as they raid throughout Europe, features some of the most well-known Norsemen and charts their legacy alongside modern advancements in civilization, such as the beginnings of Norse Paganism.

  1. Bridgerton 

Yes, Season Two of Bridgerton is here. And fortunately, we don’t need to rely on any Lady Whistledown rumours to find out what the episodes cover. Anthony Bridgerton, the eldest son who has started prioritizing duty over love, is the centre of this season.

  1. Stranger Things 4 

Stranger Things has returned with its fourth season on Netflix after a three-year break. In the latest episodes, Eleven is settling into a new home in California while writing wistfully to Mike about their upcoming reunion during spring break. What’s this? Things become bad. There were explosions, unsettling dolls, and a terrifying new villain, so the break wasn’t quite leisurely.

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