8 Most Hilarious Wedding Speech Fails on Reddit

8 Most Hilarious Wedding Speech Fails on Reddit

The toasts and wedding speeches are coming out as the wedding season approaches.

But a nice custom can frequently go horribly, awfully wrong. Here are some Reddit users who have spoken honestly about some of the worst, most embarrassing, and simply horrifying wedding speeches they have ever heard.

The thread contains over 2,200 responses, many of which are wedding speeches delivered on someone’s special day that are painfully uncomfortable. Some of these are just downright funny, while others will make you want to run away and hide forever.

Most Awkward and Hilarious Wedding Speech Fails on Reddit

  1. ‘My wife’s aunt was wasted at my sister-in-law’s wedding and began a toast talking about the bride and her husband. After about 20 seconds she started talking about her dead parents and her failed relationships. She later tried (awkwardly) to have a friend of the groom dance and dip her which resulted in him dropping her on the floor and walking away while she rolled on the floor showing her sequin underwear.’
  1. ‘At my parent’s wedding, the priest started with “We are gathered at this funeral today…” The worst part is he started going on with the typical funeral speech until he was stopped. To be fair he was well past retirement age.’
  1. ‘The matron of honor and best man were married, so they gave their speeches together and talked the whole time about their wedding/marriage.’
  1. ‘At my cousin’s wedding, the priest made a long speech going on and on about how wonderful and responsible it was of the couple to get married once they got pregnant out of wedlock. Most of the bride’s family did not yet know she was pregnant.’
  1. ‘One wedding I went to, the pastor started giving the typical “marriage is hard work” speech. He talks about how many marriages fail, and all the people he’s counseled through divorce. He goes on about how that on their wedding day, they’re just like this couple and who think they’re going to make it but 6 months later they’re getting a divorce. I’m trying hard to keep a straight face, the groom is starting to look like he wants to punch the guy, and I can hear people behind me disguising laughing as coughing. I keep expecting him to bring it around to something positive, but he doesn’t. 15 minutes of, “Marriage is hard and lots of them don’t work.” Find out at the reception, he was a family friend. With a lifelong unrequited crush on the bride.’
  1. ‘At my cousins wedding, her boss got wasted and told a story about her nephew watching porn in a hotel on a family trip. It came out of nowhere and everyone was sufficiently confused and uncomfortable. I was young and someone had made the mistake of serving me wine so I just laughed and laughed in the otherwise silent room. They had to turn off the mic and then just closed the speeches for the rest of the night.’
  1. ‘So I was at my brother-in-laws wedding. My wife (grooms sister) was in the wedding party so I sat with her family. Her parents get up on the stage to say their speech. Father in law steps up to the mic and says: “Thanks everyone for coming out”, and sits back down beside me. There is a horrible awkward silence in the room, everyone was expecting a long speech, and the MC had just sat down and taken a big drink. In the silence he leans over to me and says: “What? If you don’t have anything nice to say!” Apparently he doesn’t like his new daughter in law very much!’
  1. ‘A friend was getting married, and the best man decided that in his toast he would try to compliment how beautiful the bride was. He ended up saying “It took a team of bridesmaids and scientists to get her looking like that.” Nice try, really awkward.’

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