Historical opening by the US

Emma Raducanu, an 18-year-old tennis player had capped a historic score in one huge tennis tournament – the US Open Championship for women in the weekend. The 18-year-old tennis player had beaten Leylah Fernandez to win the tournament. Emma, who is a British teenager, has secured the rank of 150th in the tournament worldwide and has just appeared in one major event previously.

For her ranking, she had to win 3 prelim matches in order to qualify for the mains. She became the very first one to qualify as well as win the Grand Slam finale which included Wimbledon & the United States, French & Australia Opens.

However, men just missed the chance to create a history. Danil Madvedev had beaten Navok Djokovic in 3 sets during the finals. Thus, Djokovic could not win the 21st Gram Slam title for himself. If he won it would separate Djokovic from the 3-way tie along with Rafael Nadal & Roger Federer for almost all the time.

Raducanu Celebrated at China

Chinese people over social media are celebrating Emma Raducanu’s historic win as Raducanu has Chinese roots.

Emma has a Romanian father & a Chinese mother and she took birth in Canada.

A lot of Chinese websites including Weibo had praised Emma and called her ‘Dongbei girl’ with the reference to the ancestral home of Raducanu’s mom.

Raducanu has been quite open about her roots and heritage in her previous interviews. The Chinese people have been proud of that too.

According to a Weibo user, Raducanu has said, “She visits China regularly, and that one of her idols is Li Na. I’m so moved,” giving a reference to a former tennis player from China.

Others even think that she resembles the Taiwanese pop artist Rainie Yang. One person had said, “We must support the Rainie Yang of the tennis court,”

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