Kathy Hochul takes control

Hochul takes over the control

On 24th August 2021, Kathy Hochul becomes the very 1st woman governor in the history of New York after taking over the control of the former governor Andrew Cuomo(D). The former governor Andrew Cuomo had allegations against him for sexual misconduct from not less than eleven women. Kathy Hochul had sworn as the Governor at 12:01 am on the 24th of August, 2021, after the formal resignation of Cuomo.

What do we need to know about the political journey of Kathy Hochul?

Hochul is a lawyer and politician based in America who is presently serving as the fifty-seventh Governor of New York. Kathy at the beginning of her career had focused on the local problems while serving in the Hamburg board of Newyork from the year 1994-2007.  

She is a representative of the Democratic Party of the United States. Kathy Hochul has served the office of the Lt. governor from 2015-2021. She has been the representative of the United States from the 26th congressional district of New York from 2011- 2013.  Kathy Hochul had won the 4-candidate election for the 26th Congressional district of New York in order to reoccupy the vacancy left after the resignation of Chris Lee, then US Representative Republican.

 Being defeated in the election by Chris Collins in 2012, Hochul had to leave Congress. She worked as an executive of government relations for M&T Bank until 2014 when she won the New York gubernatorial election along with Andrew Cuomo and got inaugurated as the Lt. Governor of New York.

Hochul’s Pledge

After taking over the office of the Governor of New York, Kathy Hochul pledged for overhauling Albany’s culture. Kathy detailed the allegations against Cumou and said that she will not be keeping a lot of staff mentioned in the critical investigation. Kathy will be finishing out the term of the former governor and she has even announced the plans to campaign to be elected in office in the year 2022.

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