Report on Governor Cuomo released

The governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo (D), has been accused of sexual harassment by a number of women, both within and outside his government, according to a report released yesterday by state Attorney General Tish James. The independent investigation, which took five months and interviewed almost 180 people, came to the conclusion that Cuomo’s conduct violated state and federal law.

As of this writing, Cuomo has been accused of sexual harassment by at least 11 women for instances that happened in recent years (see chronology), with claims include everything from improper comments to groping and unwelcome physical contact. Initially, former assistant Lindsey Boylan, who resigned from her position in 2018, was the first to come forward with allegations, publishing a long Medium piece in February 2018.

Cuomo, who is up for re-election in 2022, indicated he will not quit in a statement released yesterday following the publication of the investigation. The Governor has denied all the charges and on being threatened by legal action by the lawyer of an anonymous complainant, welcomed “the opportunity for a full and fair review before a jury”.

New demands to impeach Cuomo are expected to be sparked by the revelations, which come as President Joe Biden has called for the governor to resign in the wake of the discoveries.

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