Tensions in the South China Sea

At the beginning of October, about 60 Chinese warplanes had entered the defence zone of Taiwan in 2 days. The incursion took place when Beijing had claimed full sovereignty over Taiwan, which is a democratic country with around 24 million population situated off the south-eastern coast of the mainland of China, even though the two states are been governed separately for over 7 decades.

Chiu-Kuo-cheng, the Defence Minister of Taiwan had said on the 6th of October that the tensions between mainland China & the island were at the worst phase in forty years, giving a warning of a possible accidental strike that can take place between them. Comments are following the insertion of about 150 Chinese aircraft into the air defence zone of Taiwan in the 4 days, a provocation that came ahead of the celebrations of the National Day of the island on Sunday.

Relations between the duo were bitter since 1949, when the island followed the Communist Revolution movement of China and broke away. As per the views of Beijing, Taiwan is under the control of Beijing, however, Taiwan has been maintaining itself as a sovereign nation. The cracking down of China in Hong Kong on the pro-democratic movement which began in 2019 has rose the fears that Chinese President, Xi Jinping will be moving for reclaiming Taiwan. For a lot of historical reasons, the United State has always supported the independence of Taiwan but has stayed neutral about the sovereignty of the state.

The United States who are also the primary military supplier of Taiwan has confirmed its “rock-solid” commitment towards Taiwan and has even Criticized China. Beijing is blaming the policies of Washington for supporting Taiwan by selling arms and also for sending warships through the Strait of Taiwan and raising the tensions.

As per related news, Joe Biden, the president of the United States has said that he and Xi Jinping will be holding a summit virtually by the end of the year.

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