Google is reportedly cracking down on employee travel, telling managers to nix happy hours and other team meetups

Google is reportedly cracking down on employee

According to The Information, Google intends to restrict employee travel to just “business critical” trips.

The company, which is often known for its perks, reportedly stated that team offsites and social events shouldn’t be permitted.

According to rumors, Google is cutting back on several employee benefits.

According to a leaked internal email published by The Information, the tech giant issued an email to some top managers advising them to restrict staff travel to only “business critical” trips.

According to reports, Google’s senior brass warned executives that future standards for what qualifies as urgent travel would be “high.” According to The Information reports, social gatherings, team outings, and travel to in-person events that provide a virtual option will not be permitted any longer.

In a statement provided to Insider, a Google spokesperson confirmed they “recently shared guidance about taking a responsible approach on expense management, including travel and events. Different Product Areas and functions are implementing this in a way that works best for their teams, given their business needs.”

As it gets ready for a probable economic slowdown, Google, which has built a reputation for providing its staff with enviable benefits like free food, drink, and on-site gyms, has joined many other tech businesses in cutting back on spending.

According to an insider, CEO Sundar Pichai stated a desire to “simplify the company” and boost worker output during a recent all-hands meeting of the company.

According to CNBC, Pichai stated on Tuesday that he aims to increase the company’s efficiency by 20%, which would necessitate workforce cuts.

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