Mumbai man loses Rs 8.5 lakh to YouTube video like scam

There are several examples of individuals being duped into participating in fraudulent schemes, which ultimately results in the loss of their money. A man in Mumbai fell victim to a similar con not long ago, in which con artists gave him a profession that consisted of liking films on YouTube in exchange for daily payment.

YouTube video like scam

In the past few months, there has been a significant increase in the number of cases that have been recorded in which people have been duped by fraudsters into placing money in various accounts. The scammers often sent the victims an email with a “part-time job offer” that instructed them to “like” specific films on YouTube in order to get paid. In the beginning, the perpetrators of the fraud would put some money into the account of the victim so that they could win their trust. When the target of the con starts to believe the con artist, the con artist will move on to jobs that require significant sums of money. The most recent victim of this scam is a man who lives in the Andheri neighbourhood of Mumbai. He was one of countless people who have lost the money they worked so hard to achieve.

Fraudsters allegedly approached the man stationed in Mumbai with a job offer in which all he was had to do was like films on YouTube, as reported by a number of different media outlets. In the first week of May, the man was guaranteed a daily income ranging from 3,000 to 6,000 Indian Rupees (Rs). According to the investigation, the scammer also told the victim that the company was into commercials and that in order to make money from the ‘work offer,’ he would have to like the company’s advertisements on YouTube. This was done in order to convince the victim that the ‘job offer’ was legitimate.

At initially, the assignments included relatively insignificant amounts of money, and the victim received these relatively insignificant amounts in his bank account on many occasions.

Because the victim continued to receive monthly payments, they started to believe the con artist. After some time, he was extended an invitation to participate in a few Telegram groups and told that his funds will be transferred to a “virtual account.” The con artists employed a scheme known as a “virtual account” to fool the man into believing that he was in fact being paid through the account when in reality it was just a deception.

When he expressed a wish to leave the group, but was prevented from doing so, he was given a new responsibility that required a noticeably larger amount of money to complete. He was also not allowed to go. According to the report, the guy realised he was being taken advantage of when he was asked to give Rs. 2.5 lakh in payment for a work. In the end, he was out a total of 8.59 lakh rupees due to his carelessness.