The ‘Magic Editor’ is a new artificial intelligence function that has been added to Google Photos; find out how it will affect your pictures here.

Magic Editor, which will be introduced at Google I/O 2023, will give users the ability to make modifications to particular aspects of a photograph, such as the foreground or background, as well as fill in any blank spaces in the image.

Magic Editor

At Google I/O 2023, the company introduced a brand-new editing tool for Google pictures that is based on artificial intelligence and is referred to as “Magic Editor.” This tool gives users the opportunity to make significant alterations to their photographs. This function has a number of capabilities, some of which include enhancing the sky, moving objects or people within the image, and deleting individuals from the backdrop. In the latter part of this year, a select group of Pixel users will have the opportunity to have early access to it.

Google asserts that its Magic Editor software can automatically do a wide range of complex image editing tasks, including retouching specific regions of an image to remove unwanted elements, rearranging the elements of composition by shifting the subject, and enhancing aspects such as the sky.

Using Magic Editor, users will be able to alter specific features of the photographs, such as the foreground or background, as well as fill in any blank spots or even shift the subject for a better-framed view. Other editing options include cropping the image to a different aspect ratio or repositioning the subject.

Google showed how its Magic Editor may be used to improve a shot, for instance showing a person standing in front of a waterfall.

According to the creator, Magic Editor might potentially generate new content when you move an image, in addition to modifying the way that cropping and scaling work. In the not-too-distant future, it is anticipated that mobile devices other than Pixel phones will be able to access this capability.

This is similar to the image cutout feature that Apple introduced with iOS 16 last year. That feature also allowed the user to cut out the subject of a picture and isolate it from the rest of the image, allowing the user to do things such as copy and paste a portion of the image into another app, grab the subject of pictures found through Safari search, or place the subject of the picture in front of the clock on the iOS Lock Screen, among other things. This new feature is similar to that.

Google has stated that it will introduce Magic Editor later this year as an experimental tool, and the company has warned users that there may be instances in which it does not function exactly as intended.