Most beautiful and unique beaches in India

Here’s our handpicked selection of unique beaches in India!

Some of the most stunning beaches in the world may be found on India’s long and breathtaking coastline. However, only a small percentage of these have become popular and commercialised, and there are still many unspoiled shores and sun-kissed beaches that are completely untouched. If you want to spend time alone, here are some of the most beautiful secret beaches worth visiting.

Maharashtra, Bhogwe Beach

Bhogwe Beach, India

Bhogwe Beach is one of Maharashtra’s most underappreciated beaches, located within a five-minute walk from the town of Parule. With the majority of beachgoers preferring other popular surrounding beaches like Tarkarli or those in Goa, Bhogwe Beach has significantly less people throughout the year, making it a private and hidden gem. Aside from its beautiful, golden sand and palm trees, Bhogwe Beach is also adjacent to a number of other outstanding sights, including the Nivti Fort and Parule’s eco-stay resorts.

Lakshadweep’s Minicoy Island

Minicoy Island, India

The Lakshadweep Islands in India are famous for their pristine beaches and brilliant blue waters. Even as beaches like Bangaram and Agatti grow more commercialised, Minicoy Island Beach remains one of the archipelago’s most beautiful and quiet. Minicoy, Lakshadweep’s southernmost island, was previously a significant commercial centre in the region. However, due to its distance from the airport and lack of simple access, the beach receives significantly fewer visitors than other popular beaches in the island chain. The island’s centre features a lovely brackish water lagoon, with the beach situated between the sea and the lagoon.

Butterfly Beach in Goa

Butterfly Beach, India

The number of ‘secret beaches’ in Goa has steadily declined over the years, with most of the once-hidden beaches becoming increasingly commercial. However, one beach that has kept its ‘secret beach’ moniker is the famous Butterfly Beach, which is located to the south of Goa and is only accessible by boat. This small beach is one of the most remote in Goa, with few commercial businesses. Boat services to Butterfly Beach are accessible from nearby beaches such as Palolem and Agonda.

Beach on Guitar Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Guitar Island, India

Those who have visited this lovely hidden beach in Andaman have often referred to it as the nicest beach in the country. This beach is located on Guitar Island, which gets its name from the fact that it is shaped like a guitar. It is extremely difficult to access and can only be reached by boat and a short hike up to the beach. The beach receives few tourists and is almost always deserted. This beach, with its brilliant blue ocean and golden sands, is one of the Andaman Islands’ best hidden secrets. Ideal place to forget the world and just keep staring into the horizon over the beautiful blue-ash green water!

Karwar, Ladies Beaches in Karnataka

Karwar Ladies beach, India

The peaceful hamlet of Karwar, located 25 kilometres south of Goa, boasts beaches that are just as wonderful as those in the sunshine state but not nearly as crowded, making it an ideal place for a secluded beach break. The most popular beach in Karwar’s area is Karwar Beach, which is surrounded to the north by the Kali River and to the south by the Karwar town centre.

If you want somewhere a little more secluded than Karwar Beach, your best bet is the stunning hidden beach known as Ladies Beach. Because the beach is not accessible by vehicle, the only way to get there is by a short walk from Jetty Road. Ladies Beach, one of the few beaches where you may have the entire coast to yourself, is a must-see in Karwar.

Hope we’ve been able to help you add a place or two in your bucket list or convinced you to take some time off and head for the beach!

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