Countries Open for Travel 2022

Countries Open for Travelling 2022

Countries all over the world are preparing to return to normalcy after two years of dealing with the COVID problem. Several countries have also removed practically all COVID-related regulations to make travelling more convenient and encourage tourism. Here are a few of the countries open for travel in 2022.

If you’ve been contemplating whether or not to take a trip abroad, here’s a list of countries that have recently lifted practically all COVID-19 travel restrictions.

Travelers from all over the world are seeing a ray of hope after being confined to their homes for a year. With several countries relaxing their restrictions and a few removing them entirely, vacation plans and travelling don’t seem so far away.

Can Indians Travel Right Now?

Yes, they are capable. According to the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, the suspension of planned international passenger flights in the country was lifted on March 27, 2022. As a result, regular international travel in India is likely to resume, albeit with certain restrictions, and revert to pre-pandemic levels of normalcy.

Furthermore, all testing and quarantine procedures for vaccinated tourists (from specific countries) traveling to India have been lifted in the countries open for travel.

7 Countries Open for Travel 2022

  1. Iceland 
Countries Open for Travelling 2022

Icelandic officials recently announced that all travelers, regardless of their state of recovery or vaccination status, will be permitted to enter the country without any restrictions, that is, it is one of the countries open for travel. “All COVID-19 measures at the Icelandic border have now ended,” the Icelandic authorities said. As a result, regardless of whether people are vaccinated or not, no COVID-19 preventative measures will be in place at the border. As a result, Indians can travel freely and return home without having to go through the time-consuming process of pre-travel testing and isolation.

  1. Mexico 

Throughout the pandemic, Mexico’s permissive approach to COVID travel rules in terms of testing, quarantine, and vaccination has been consistent. The majority of the country’s business has been able to continue as usual as a result of this approach.

According to reports, overseas travelers will no longer be required to present vaccination certificates or negative test results in order to enter Mexico. In addition, there is no quarantine in place, and the only need for pleasure or business travel is to complete a health questionnaire. Furthermore, practically everything in the country is open to tourism.

  1. Slovenia 

The majority of Slovenia’s travel restrictions have been lifted. According to reports, visitors to Slovenia’s territory are no longer needed to provide recovery or vaccination certificates, or a negative test result. “As of February 19, 2022, restrictions due to Covid-19 no longer apply when entering Slovenia,” the Slovenian authorities added earlier in February. This means that the RVT (recovered, vaccinated, and tested) condition will no longer be met at the border, and travelers will no longer be ordered to quarantine at home.”

  1. Norway 

Norway, a beautiful country, has similarly relaxed nearly all of its entry restrictions. According to reports, all visitors, including those who have recovered, have not been vaccinated, or tested, have been allowed to enter the country without regard for entrance restrictions since February 12, ” no testing, no quarantining, no registration!” the Norwegian authorities declared. ” All COVID-19 entry requirements for all travelers to Norway have been lifted as of February 12, 2022.”

All other restrictions have been lifted as well, such as the requirement to wear a face mask wherever in the country, as well as social distancing restrictions.

  1. El Slavador

In late 2020, El Salvador reopened to international travelers. During that period, the relevant authorities had entry requirements in place that required all arrivals to provide a negative PCR test report as a condition of entry, which was later revised to allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter the country without having to produce test results.

According to sources, both requirements were later dropped, and all international travelers can now enter El Salvador without having to show any COVID credentials or go through quarantine.

  1. Switzerland 

Are you traveling to Switzerland from a region or country where you have concerns? If you say yes, you’ll probably have to fill out an entry form, get tested, and go through quarantine. And, if you are not traveling from any such region, you will be exempted from the COVID test and the obligation of quarantine. Additionally, travelers are no longer needed to complete a passenger locator form.

  1. Costa Rica 

Tourists traveling by air, sea, or land are no longer required to show proof of a negative COVID-19 test, nor are they subjected to quarantine. However, do note that unvaccinated passengers will not be allowed to enter commercial establishments, such as hotels, pubs, restaurants, shopping malls, etc.

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