8 VPN Hacks to save money

VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) are as we all know the rage right now, this is despite the fact that VPN’s have been in existence for a very long time. Businesses that wanted to let their remote workers connect directly to their networks were the first to adopt VPN’s. However, there are other VPN hacks as well that can make your life easier. 

VPNs appear to be getting a lot more focus these days, owing to the extra privacy and security they provide. VPN hacks also let you enjoy geo-restricted content, such as the ORF live stream from another country.

Did you know that using a VPN might also help you save money? You may truly enjoy varying costs owing to the IP (Internet Protocol) being used at a particular website, by connecting to multiple servers across the world. Such money saving hacks are listed below, who knows it may help you save some money.

Money Saving VPN Hacks

  1. Plane Tickets at a Reduced Price

Did you know that the plane ticket you want to buy, would most likely be cheaper if you lived somewhere else? Airlines and other companies frequently use arbitrage to sell the same ticket to individuals in poorer nations or cities at a reduced price.

You can use a VPN to connect to servers in another country/city and buy that plane ticket for a lot less money than you would if you bought it from where you are now.

  1. Online gaming can be less expensive

Arbitrage is also used in the price of gaming platforms like Steam. VPN hacks are here to reduce the cost of a hobby that is generally more expensive in certain areas. Again, all you have to do is log in to your Steam account from a different location to take advantage of lower prices on games.

  1. Hotels, rental cars, online streaming, and other services too are available

This isn’t limited to plane travel or video games. Several industries use the same pricing strategies. Whether you’re looking to book a hotel, rent a vehicle, or stream Netflix, the pricing will differ based on which country you’re in.

  1. Prevents hackers from gaining access to your credit card information

Hackers will never be able to retrieve any data you communicate over their encrypted private network. Consider how much money you’ll save simply by adopting software that will make your internet experience significantly safer.

5. With a VPN, you may get low rates on Skype and Viber

Each nation has its own set of calling charges. If you live in the United States, you will pay lesser in comparison to European nations. With a VPN, you may connect to a virtual location in the United States, and Skype will recognize you as calling from the United States and charge you the lower Skype calling rates. 

Use these VPN hacks to select different geolocation and city to observe how the pricing changes. 

7. Sign-ups and purchases are made anonymously

You may pay for goods and online services anonymously if you combine a VPN with an untraceable email address, an anonymous payment mechanism such as Bitcoin, gift cards, or discount codes. Purchases made with a VPN cannot be traced back to you. Prevent recurring subscription fees that you don’t want!

8. By using a VPN to change your location, you can avoid paying local taxes (such as GST)

You may save money by purchasing music and TV shows online. VPN services are used by tech-savvy internet users and TV show enthusiasts to hide their place of origin, allowing them to acquire online music and TV series from Netflix, CBS, Amazon Prime, and other streaming services for reduced foreign prices.

We still believe that buying and utilizing a VPN should be done largely for the added privacy and security it provides to your online activity, but the potential financial benefits and these VPN hacks should not be overlooked. Why not give it a try the next time you’re unable to view certain content in your country by signing in with a different VPN location.

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