According to CEO Satya Nadella, there will not be a rise in salaries for Microsoft employees in this year.

Microsoft has confirmed that it would not be increasing the remuneration of full-time employees during this year. However, the company has stated that it will continue to give out bonuses, stock awards, and promotions. The workforce will suffer a substantial setback as a result of this.

CEO Satya Nadella

Following the termination of 10,000 employees, Microsoft has disclosed that the company’s full-time staff will not be eligible for a pay increase during this year. Microsoft has announced that, in light of the current state of the economy, it would not be giving raises to the salaries of its full-time employees during the course of this year.

The company is committed to continuing to give its workers with promotions, stock awards, and bonus opportunities. Following the same strategy that was employed by other information technology companies to get ready for a hard year, the company let rid of 10,000 employees in January before making this decision.

The company has cited macroeconomic instabilities and shifting industry dynamics “in this new era of AI” as the reason behind the decision to postpone planned salary increases for its employees. We virtually doubled our worldwide merit budget over the course of the previous year after making a significant investment in pay in response to favourable market conditions and strong business performance…According to a source in the media, Nadella was reported as saying that the economic conditions this year are substantially different across many dimensions.

In an email to employees, Nadella said, “We will maintain our bonus and stock award budgets again this year; however, we will not overfund to the extent that we did last year, bringing it closer to our historical averages.” “We will maintain our bonus and stock award budgets again this year,” Nadella said. “We will not overfund to the extent that we did last year.”

Microsoft has turned its focus to generative artificial intelligence, which is regarded as a bright light within the industry. In collaboration with ChatGPT developer OpenAI, Microsoft has been integrating artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its Office software and the Bing search engine. Microsoft has also provided OpenAI with many billions of dollars in funding.

After conducting layoffs at the beginning of the year that resulted in the termination of over 10,000 employees, Microsoft made the decision to delay the implementation of compensation increases. On March 27, 559 employees at the company’s locations in Bellevue and Redmond were terminated from their positions. On Tuesday, the group company LinkedIn announced that it will be discontinuing its employment app in China, which resulted in the loss of approximately 716 positions.