Simple Ways to Save Money 2022

It is honestly very simple to save money. This is not the case for everyone, though. Given our differing incomes, needs, expenses, responsibilities, and preferences, it’s understandable that we have differing saving capacities and different ways to save money in 2022, here is our take on the simple ways to save money in 2022. The … Read more

Customers are being warned about cryptocurrency risks by private banks.

Top Customers of Indian private sector banks are being informed about the risks of investing in crypto assets. Customers have received emails from Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, and ICICI Bank in this regard, according to The Economic Times. The banks noted cryptocurrency exchanges’ aggressive advertising operations, which aim to entice new consumers with promises of … Read more

Treasury attacks Ransomware

The Department of Treasury has issued sanctions on the 21st of September 2021 against the exchange of cryptocurrency for fighting the increasing problems of ransomware attacks. The target was the Russian company Suex, one most prolific launderers of money in the universe of cryptocurrency. 40 per cent h transactions made by Suex have the involvement … Read more

Working woman, looking to invest your hard earned money?

Investment tips to be followed by working women There was a time when only men were considered as the breadwinner and the family head, however, things have changed with time. Women today have made a lot of progress in both their professional and personal lives. However to be a grown-up in one’s family the women also … Read more

Financial management for a young working woman

In the recent generation, it has become very essential for young independent women to manage their finances so that they can enjoy their present while planning for their future. Times have changed, now, along with men even women are becoming independent financially to manage the finances of their family. Starting up with financial planning at … Read more