There’s A New Scam Affecting Cryptocurrency Traders in India.

If you trade cryptocurrencies, you should be aware of a new botnet version. Check Point Research, a cybersecurity firm, has discovered a new botnet version named Twizt that is alleged to have stolen nearly half a million dollars in cryptocurrency through a practise known as “crypto clipping.” Traders from India, Ethiopia, and Nigeria are the … Read more

Crypto and Gwyneth Paltrow TeraWulf, a new miner, has crashed at its first launch.

TeraWulf Inc., a cryptocurrency miner that recently had celebrity investors such as Gwyneth Paltrow as backers, saw its stock plummet by as much as 40% during its Nasdaq stock market debut. After concluding a merger with imaging-technology startup Ikonics, the company went public, with the goal of providing more environmentally friendly crypto transaction processing. After … Read more

On Coinbase,, crypto prices have experienced an unusual surge.

The prices of cryptocurrencies posted by Coinbase Global Inc. and popular data provider suddenly went crazy Tuesday, with many tokens displaying spectacular gains that some users shouting about huge windfalls and others scratching their heads. New Delhi (India): The prices of cryptocurrencies posted by Coinbase Global Inc. and popular data provider suddenly went … Read more

A joke made by a US congressman during a hearing leads to the rise of a new “Mongoose Coin”.

The “Mongoose Coin” was produced in response to iconic remarks. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat, is a member of the US House of Representatives. US Democratic Representative Brad Sherman of California has been an inspiration for inventors of digital tokens after criticising the coin-eat-coin world of digital assets during a Congressional hearing a few days … Read more

Cryptocurrency’s ascension and the way ahead.

In terms of cryptocurrency adoption and growth in India, the year 2021 will be remembered for a number of achievements. With two weeks left in 2021, global inflows in digital currency have totaled $9.5 billion. Crypto inflows are expected to reach $6.7 billion in 2020. Bitcoin, the most popular digital currency, is expected to nearly … Read more

In the United States, WhatsApp has launched a test programme for bitcoin payments.

WhatsApp has introduced a new trial programme that allows a “limited number” of individuals in the United States to send and receive money using cryptocurrencies from within a chat. Payments are done using Pax Dollars (USDP), a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar produced by Paxos, which is enabled by Novi, Meta’s digital wallet that … Read more

For cryptocurrency trading, Kotak Mahindra is teaming up with WazirX.

According to many reports, Kotak has opened an account with WazirX and is completing the appropriate paperwork and test runs. Kotak Mahindra has become India’s first big bank to accept cryptocurrency trading. It has opted to register an account with the WazirX exchange in order to accept and pay money to those who trade on … Read more

The government is considering setting a deadline for declaring crypto assets.

According to a Bloomberg article citing people familiar with the situation, the central government is considering giving Indian cryptocurrency holders a deadline to declare holdings and comply with upcoming new restrictions. Given that cryptocurrencies can potentially be classed as a financial asset, SEBI (Securities and Exchange Board of India) would apparently be enlisted to oversee … Read more

Following the crypto flash crash, Ethereum holds its footing as Polygon soars.

As the first week of December draws to a close, market sentiment in the cryptocurrency market has turned from greed to extreme anxiety, as the market leader Bitcoin (BTC) fell by 26% over the weekend, contrary to expectations. Etheruem and other big cryptocurrencies have lost more than 20% in response to the BTC price action. … Read more

6 Cryptos Gained Up to 5,605 Percent in a Single Day Update on Cryptocurrencies:

On Tuesday, December 6, the global cryptocurrency market resumed its downward trend, bringing forward losses from the weekend as traders shied away from the business because to concerns about the Omicron form of Covid-19. In the face of the new variation threat, investors turned to safety assets like gold rather than risky ones like bitcoin. … Read more