There’s A New Scam Affecting Cryptocurrency Traders in India.

If you trade cryptocurrencies, you should be aware of a new botnet version. Check Point Research, a cybersecurity firm, has discovered a new botnet version named Twizt that is alleged to have stolen nearly half a million dollars in cryptocurrency through a practise known as “crypto clipping.” Traders from India, Ethiopia, and Nigeria are the … Read more

Gopinath believes that enforcing a cryptocurrency prohibition will be difficult.

Gita Gopinath, chief economist at the International Monetary Fund (IMF), on Wednesday stated that cryptocurrencies pose a threat to emerging economies that rely on capital controls and foreign exchange, and urged for a coordinated global response to regulate them, albeit a ban would be difficult to enact. Gopinath, the IMF’s first deputy managing director-designate, urged … Read more

Crypto and Gwyneth Paltrow TeraWulf, a new miner, has crashed at its first launch.

TeraWulf Inc., a cryptocurrency miner that recently had celebrity investors such as Gwyneth Paltrow as backers, saw its stock plummet by as much as 40% during its Nasdaq stock market debut. After concluding a merger with imaging-technology startup Ikonics, the company went public, with the goal of providing more environmentally friendly crypto transaction processing. After … Read more

On Coinbase,, crypto prices have experienced an unusual surge.

The prices of cryptocurrencies posted by Coinbase Global Inc. and popular data provider suddenly went crazy Tuesday, with many tokens displaying spectacular gains that some users shouting about huge windfalls and others scratching their heads. New Delhi (India): The prices of cryptocurrencies posted by Coinbase Global Inc. and popular data provider suddenly went … Read more

Keanu Reeves, the Matrix actor on Crypto and NFTs:

Keanu Reeves is a cryptocurrency holder, but he hasn’t bought any himself. He also does not want Meta, formerly known as Facebook, to be the one who creates the metaverse. Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) also make him giggle. When questioned about the metaverse in an interview with The Verge last week, Reeves, who plays a pivotal … Read more

According To Musk, Tesla Will Be Accepting Dogecoin For Payments.

Musk, a frequent Twitter user and cryptocurrency proponent, polled Twitter followers in May to see if they wanted Tesla to accept dogecoin. Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Inc, announced on Tuesday that the electric carmaker will accept dogecoin as payment for items for a limited time as a test, propelling the meme-based cryptocurrency up … Read more

Today’s top cryptocurrency values are down by up to 6%.

Delhi, India: Investors tried to gradually buy up beaten-down altcoins as the cryptocurrency market mended its wounds from the weekend. The majority of coins, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, however, have continued to haemorrhage. At 9.30 IST, six of the top ten digital tokens had fallen in value. Terra and Polkadot were up a little, but … Read more

Who Will Be in Charge of Cryptocurrency Regulation?

During the present Winter Session of Parliament, the government made it clear that it has no plans to grow the cryptocurrency business in India. While the government intends to alter the Income Tax (I-T) Act in Budget 2022-23 to bring cryptocurrency investments and trading under official scrutiny, it remains unclear who would regulate the industry. … Read more

December 10th: Bitcoin is trading at Rs 39 lakh, down 1.36 percent.

Early on December 10, cryptocurrencies were trading in the red. The worldwide crypto market capitalization has decreased to $2.28 trillion, down 3.40 percent from the previous day. The overall cryptocurrency market volume over the last 24 hours has increased by 2.96 percent to $105.34 billion. The overall volume in DeFi (Decentralized finance) is currently $15.04 … Read more

PM Modi will make the final decision on the regulatory framework for cryptos.

According to two people familiar with the situation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will make a final decision on the regulatory framework for cryptocurrencies despite differing opinions among stakeholders. On Thursday, a high-level meeting was conducted to evaluate all options as well as stakeholder perspectives, including the Reserve Bank of India’s concerns. According to one of … Read more