5 Noteworthy Reddit Confessions

5 Noteworthy Reddit Confessions

On the internet, remaining anonymous can feel like the ultimate protection. You can express thoughts or secrets that you wouldn’t dare to say out loud without fear of being identified. We came upon a Reddit thread dedicated to this precise subject last month.

Things that we keep close to our hearts and would never feel comfortable sharing. Still, now and then, we can’t help but get things off our chests. Reddit users are well aware of this fact, which is why they’ve been going to the site for years to anonymously reveal their darkest and deepest secrets.

We’ll never know these Reddit users no matter how much we learn about them from their deep, dark secrets.

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5 Noteworthy Reddit Confessions
  1. ‘I posted fake jobs on the internet so I could build my resume.’

“When I was 19-20 years old, I was looking for jobs and could not find any, and people would tell me to build a nice resume. The problem was, that I did not know how to do it so I posted fake jobs on [the] internet and would get resumes. I used those resumes to build my own, using the skills that I liked on their resumes. I could also tell who was competing with me for those jobs that I posted. I feel bad for those people that thought it was genuine and applied.

“I am 33 now and have a nice job. Those resumes truly did help me build my career.”

  1. ‘I paid rent in cash and then stole the money back from my landlady.’

“I have felt horrible about this for years. When I graduated from college, I rented a room in a lady’s house. Several other rooms were rented out to different people, but she also lived there. She always asked for cash so that’s how I paid. I had no idea how to budget and was horrible with money. Eventually, I couldn’t afford rent and other expenses.

“I realized she put my rent cash in her purse and she usually left the purse on the stairs leading into her room. I started sneaking the rent money back out of her purse when I needed cash. I tried to replace it if I could, but there were times I wasn’t able to. She never said anything or asked any of us if we had taken any money from her. I only ended up living there for a few months before moving again of my own choice. I’ve always felt bad and wondered if she ever knew I was doing that.”

  1. I’m sexually attracted to my boyfriend’s dad

“I can’t help it. I haven’t even met him yet. I’ve just heard a lot about him, have seen pictures, and heard his voice. I’m paranoid that when I do meet him I’ll be all weird around him. So much so that I don’t want to meet him, although my boyfriend and he are close.”

  1. “I’m a bellman and valet at a three-star resort Hilton in Arizona. I can give you free water bottles, tampons, valet parking, tours, shuttle rides, reservations, dry cleaning, hell even an upgrade to a better room if you just ASK ME. Butttt no one ever does cuz they think I’m just a doorman…”
  1. Please Forgive me

“A call had come out of a shooting that had just occurred. It was in a neighboring division, but we were close so we decided to go,” said CopWithoutVest.  

“We were the first unit and there is a guy, shot right in the forehead walking back and forth. He is on his cell phone screaming and crying and asking his mother to please forgive him for everything he has done because he got shot and was going to die.” He posted later that he never found out whether the man died.

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