5 Scariest Subreddits That Will Keep you Up at Night!

5 Scariest Subreddits That Will Keep you Up at Night!

Reddit is visited by users for a variety of purposes. It’s sometimes to pick up new skills. Sometimes it’s to connect with others who share the same interests. There are plenty of creepy subreddits that will keep you up at night, but it’s a good thing that sometimes it’s to read up on the strange and unusual. We won’t lie: Reddit is our favorite website for this reason. So have a look at this. Take your time; there is plenty of reading to be done. Just… perhaps attempt to finish your reading before the sun sets. If not, you can run into some issues.

5 Scariest Subreddits

  1. r/NoSleep
5 Scariest Subreddits That Will Keep you Up at Night!

The majority of the stories on the subreddit NoSleep are fictional, however occasionally a true story (such as “The Smiling Man”) will appear there. They frequently take the first person, and many of them make excellent use of Reddit’s existing format of strangers online talking with one another. The sub’s core principle everything is true here even if it’s not—is, in fact, what makes it so attractive.

The ability to suspend disbelief is what gives these stories life, and we would argue that it is a necessary element of the scariest horror stories.

Numerous spinoffs of NoSleep have emerged, such as a podcast and a sub dedicated to workshopping stories before they are published on NoSleep itself.

  1. r/LibraryOfShadows

Interested in stories that are more complicated and possibly a touch more polished yet love the concept of NoSleep? The book Library of Shadows should do the trick. It also features horror fiction, just like the subreddit NoSleep, but its content is generally presented in a little more polished manner. Its self-description, “Reddit’s premier online suspense fiction magazine,” very much sums up the tone of the content.

  1. r/UnresolvedMysteries

Do you prefer real creepiness to made-up horror? You could fit in at Unresolved Mysteries. It is pretty much precisely what its name implies: a collection of information about unsolved cases, crimes, and other enigmas. There is a little bit of everything here, from serial killings to disappearances, TV, radio, and internet mysteries to unexplained events and phenomena (yet). The majority of things you’ll discover on this website are historical; one of the rules states that posts involving murders or disappearances that are less than a year old will be deleted. This is a wonderful subreddit to visit and lose yourself in for a while if you enjoy playing detective in your pajamas.

  1. r/ThreeKings

Three Kings, what is it? It’s a game of sorts and an illustration of ritual creepypasta, often known as “ritual pasta.” But it’s a particularly good one, mainly because, as far as we can tell, it’s not even fiction. It’s kind of a meditative activity that enables you to learn more about the inner workings of your own mind; the goal isn’t to call forth ghosts or demons or anything like that. The problem is that most of us probably hold things inside that we don’t necessarily want to express.

The so-called “recipe” for the Three Kings was first shared on NoSleep around four years ago by a user by the name of FableForge with the disclaimer “Please don’t actually try this.” It immediately gained popularity.

  1. r/LetsNotMeet

We really recall when Let’s Not Meet first started; it was sort of a spin-off of NoSleep with the intention of sharing true accounts of bizarre encounters with other people (as opposed to things that were just true while you were on the sub). The subreddit r/LetsMeet, from which Let’s Not See received its name, is dedicated to Redditors posting stories about people they’ve met who they really really want to meet again. It also exists as a companion site to that one.

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