5 unsolved mysteries of India

India ranks close to the top mysterious countries of the world, with many mysteries still unexplained. Because of India’s size and diversity, cultural differences, and mythological stories, it is naturally a land of strange tales. Such stories are based on rumors or, in some cases, the author’s imagination. The majority of these stories are crafted and can be dismissed, but some are unusual enough not to be so easily dismissed. These have the potential to alter people’s perceptions of advanced technology and more broadly, of the world.

There are some Indian mysteries that are yet to be solved. No valid logic has been capable of solving these cases as a result, they remain unresolved. As spooky as they seem, such stories will drive you insane as well as leave you perplexed. Examine the list to see if you have any answers to these mysteries.

Skeletal Lake

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Roopkund Lake is approximately 16,500 feet above sea level and is also recognized as the Lake of Skeletons. The skeleton remains were discovered in 1942 when the scorching summer began to melt the ice. A British forest guard spotted a lot of human skeletons strewn about and floating along the lake’s banks. Initially, the remains were thought to be relics of Japanese soldiers killed in the war, but this theory was debunked in 2004. The remains found, date back at least to 850 AD. Numerous theories have been proposed to understand this incident since then, but individuals are still looking for answers. These remnants can still be seen during warm days when the ice melts.

Jaigarh Fort’s royal treasure

mysteries, Jaigarh Fort, India

The enigmatic history of Jaigarh Fort may leave you wondering if such things are even feasible. The fort is home to the world’s biggest cannon on wheels, and its history is filled with mysterious tales. According to legends, when Akbar’s Minister of Defense, Man Singh returned from a successful mission in Afghanistan, he hid the stolen wealth in this fort.

The fort was brought back into the spotlight in 1977. During the height of India’s Emergency, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi commanded a thorough check of the fort and conducted raids over the Jaipur properties of Maharani Gayatri Devi, she was arrested on accusations which were later proven false.

The search was carried out following a tip that the water tanks inside the fort were being used to hide Mughal treasure. Despite the fact that nothing was discovered during the search, it attracted a lot of attention.

Kodinhi, the “twin village”

Conceiving twins & triplets is an uncommon naturally occurring phenomenon anywhere in the world. In fact, only 16 out of every 1,000 healthy pregnancies in the globe result in twins, and this figure is even relatively low in India, where it is only 9. However, in the quiet village of Kodinhi in Kerala, there is a record of four hundred pairs of twins in a populace of over 2,000 households! Geneticists and scientists have long attempted to clarify this unusual phenomenon.

While scientists have highlighted genetics as an obvious factor, but what’s more perplexing is that irrespective of faith, lineage, or initial heritage, in the last few generations, all families in the village have had more than the average number of twins, and the number is steadily increasing.

Kirti Stambha – Delhi’s Iron Pillar

mysteries Kirti Stambha, India

Although the notion of rust-resistant iron became popular in Western civilization during the industrial revolution, there’s still an iron pillar in Delhi’s Qutab Minar, which predates similar known material innovation by nearly a millennium! The Kirti Stambha, also known as the the victory pillar, is a six-tonne iron structure that was built in the 5th century and it has withstood the sands of time without surrendering to rust. Scientists have been perplexed by the science of this pillar, owing to the fact that such advanced rust resistance technology was believed to be unknown anywhere in the world at the moment.

Jodhpur boom

mysteries, Jodhpur boom, India

Residents of Jodhpur were in for a surprise on December 18, 2012. The people of Jodhpur were startled by a sudden thunderous boom. Nothing could be measured, only the sensation of something out of nowhere had crashed, similar to the loud explosion caused by aircraft. Residents became concerned and began asking around, and no one appeared to have seen any of it. There were no plane crashes or explosions. As a result, there are no possible reasons for the unexplained Jodhpur boom. As a result, it is still to be seen whether the said case would ever be answered.

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