List of must-watch international films in 2021

Movies are a must during weekends or when one has a family or friends get-together. However, it is quite boring to watch regional movies all the time thus, a little experiment is never a bad idea. The year 2021 has brought up a whole new set of foreign movies that are a must-watch. No matter what one’s preferable genre is the foreign movies that came up recently have it all. Whether one is a horror fan or likes rom-com more, there’s everything on the list this year. 

Mentioned below are the must-watch foreign movies in 2021.

  • The White Tiger

This one is a crime drama available on Netflix and is based on a 2008’s novel by Arvind Adiga with a similar name.

  • Earwig and the Witch

Earwig and the Witch directed by Goto Miazaki is an animated Japanese movie based on fantasy. The movie has been derived from a book written by Diana Wynne Jones. A witch adopts a girl who is an orphan and the girl is placed at the new house which is filled with spook, magic and mystery.

  • Son

Son is an Irish movie which is a horror thriller by Ivan Kavanagh. The story revolves around a young boy who falls sick and his mother has to make the decision of how far the mother can go in order to protect the child from the horrifying forces in the mother’s past.

  • Two of Us

The French Drama released in the year 2020 is directed by Filipo Meneghetti. This story is based on two pensioners in love and their love gets tested when they don’t be able to move between their apartments freely.

  • Crazy About Her

The Spanish dark rom-com is directed by Dani De la Orden. The story is based on a man who spends a magical night with his girlfriend and later discovers that to be a patient at a psychiatric institution is the single way to meet his girlfriend as she stays there.

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