Owen Wilson joins the star cast in ‘Haunted Mansion’ of Disney

Owen Wilson has become a part of the star cast of Haunted Mansion which is a spookfest for a family adventure in Disney. The ‘Haunted Mansion’ is going to be based on a ride of the signature theme park of the company. Wilson joins the other casts, Tiffany Haddish & LaKeith Stanfield in the production roll call.

As per the reports, the details of the story are not revealed. However, what is in light is that the story is going to include a family that moves into a huge mansion.

Justin Simien, the director known for his best works including “Bad Hair” & “Dear White People” will be directing the above-mentioned film well-scripted by Katie Diploid.

The movie, “ The Haunted Mansion” is a film based on the scary park ride at Disney Land which opened in 1969. The ride took the riders via a manor which was full of ghouls, ghosts and other residents. It was one of such attractions in Disney land where the employees were kept encouraged to not smile.

Dan Lin along with Jonathan Eirich are coming together for the purpose of producing the film under the banner of Rideback. Nick Reynolds will be acting as the executive producer of the film.

The shooting of the film will be in Atlanta and will most probably begin in the next month.

The 2003’s horror-comedy, ‘The Haunted Mansion’ which starred Eddie Murphy had used amusement park as an attraction.

‘Jungle cruise’ which has been a recent hit has also used the park theme as its attraction. Disney has a plan of making a sequel to the film and it will star Emily Blunt & Dwayne Johnson.

Disney is also in the process of developing films based on other famous rides such as ‘Town of Terror’  & ‘Space Mountain’.

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