Another Baby On The Way In The Kardashian-Jenner Family

After, weeks of speculation into the life of the young billionaire, Kylie Jenner has confirmed that she is about to welcome another child with her partner, Travis Scott. The recently turned 24-year old shared an emotional clip of about one and a half minutes with more than 264 million followers. The video crossed millions of views just after few minutes of upload. Currently, it has crossed more than 80 million views on Instagram and has made Kylie Jenner the most followed female on the platform, the 3rd most followed personality on the platform. 

The clip starts with the heart-warming scene of Kylie holding a pregnancy kit which clearly showed “positive”. The Franchise rapper appeared in the clip and hugged her belly. The couple along with their first daughter, Stormi headed to the doctor for ultrasonography. Later on, Stormi handed over an envelope to her grandmother, Kris Jenner. The envelope comprised the pictures of the ultrasonography scan. The moment seemed to be so heart-warming that Kris said that it was one of the happiest days of her life. Kylie then goes on to flaunt her grown baby bump in the emotional clip. The feelings were so overwhelming that it would have been hard to not shed tears. 

The happy news for the couple had started to evolve on the internet and media as a rumour. With passing days of speculations and digging into the insider’s sources, it was pretty much confirmed that the American model was soon to be expecting a child with her partner. As the confirmation passed on with the shared video, her friends and family members convey their love in the comments section. Celebrities including Bella Hadid and many others had sent love and support to the couple for such a pleasant surprise.

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