Justin Bieber’s “Our World” is releasing on 8th October

The “Our World” documentary directed by the well-renowned filmmaker, Michael D. Ratner is confirmed to be released on Amazon Prime Video on 8th October. 

The Documentary will involve all the scenes captured from Justin Bieber’s New Year Eve Live Performance. It will comprise all the behind the scenes of the live concert and a sneak peek into Justin Bieber’s life with his wife, friends and crew members. This was the first full concert that the baby singer has done after a span of three years even if it was not in-person with the fans. The documentary is produced by Bieber Time Films, Ratner’s OBB Pictures and Scooter Braun Films. 

The peaches singer adds to this news that he was utterly happy that it gave him the time to connect with his fans even if it was virtually. He furthers goes on to say that he is more than glad to share his music with the people who are having a hard time in this pandemic, losing their loved and dear ones. He said that the upcoming documentary shows all his excitement and overwhelming thoughts of his while he returning to the place where he belongs, which is the stage. 

The award-winning director, Ratner said that it was a proud moment for him to make this project happen. He couldn’t be more proud of their ongoing partnership with Bieber’s team and SB Films. He further explains that Amazon Prime Video will share this movie of warmth and joy with the world and people must watch the derivative singer and his crew with max volume. 

The Amazon Studios Head, Jennifer Salke also commented on this news. She went on to say that the documentary consists of Justin Bieber’s raw and uncut version of the live concert along with his close pals. It is a feeling of joy and excitement where the singer’s career is back with new things to introduce to the beloved fans. 

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