Must watch International Films on Netflix

If one stops restricting themselves from the barriers called subtitles there are a lot of options in movies available on Netflix. Netflix has a great collection of foreign movies that are just perfect for binge-watching. Some of these films might not come up as suggestions on one’s home page but searching a little is never a bad idea. 

Here’s a list of few must-watch foreign films available on Netflix.

  • Burning

The South Korean movie burning is an interesting thriller that will surely blow one’s mind. The movie is directed by Lee-Chang-dong based on the short story of Haruki Murakami, ‘Barn Burning’.

  • His House 

A horror movie has to be something more than just with a pinch of scares. There are horror movies that revolve around character studies, some have deeper themes, while others have complexities of social issues and some of them does more than only raising your pulse. His House is an all in one Horror film which is also a debut movie for director Reki Weekes.

  • I Lost My Body

If someone is a fan of movies that are beautifully crafted and are loaded with interesting symbolism then they are going to love the animated movie, I Lost My Body by Jeremy Clapin. The movie is a French animated drama or fantasy having the main character of Naoufel who loses his hand.

  • Klaus 

Klaus is a movie based on Christmas directed by the Spanish director Sergio Pablos. The story revolves around a postman who gets banished to some dingy Island. This is perfect to watch with your family. It is a very colourful movie with pretty landscapes and a great combination of dry sarcasm as well as slapstick humour.

  • Roma

Alphonso Cuoron won Oscar for the best director for the movie Roma. Watching the movie is like coming to the sight of your personal reflection and also cinematic excellence. Roma is a black-and-white movie that revolves around a housekeeper and an indigenous lady who is working for a family in the city of Mexico.

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