Must Watch International Films on Amazon Prime

People generally get bored of watching the randoms like rom-com,   science fiction, dramas and so on. Apart from all of these, some highly-rated international movies are a must-watch. These movies are not only loved by English speakers but also are liked by audiences across the globe.

Here is a list of must-watch international movies available on Amazon Prime.

  • 4 Moons

The Mexican drama 4 moons which are also known as Cuatro Lunas is one such movie that is a must-watch. The director of the movie Sergio Tovar Velarde has portrayed four complex, interwoven stories beautifully weaved with love & acceptance as a theme.

  • Frantz

Frantz is a French drama directed by Francois Ozon with the star cast Perrie Niney & Paula Beer. The setting of the film is based on the post-World War I era, portraying a German woman grieving the loss of her would-be husband who was assassinated in the war.

  • Amelie 

Amelie can be listed as a masterpiece from 2001. This French Romcom follows the story of Audrey Tautou who is one shy waitress. The film has bagged many awards including the Best Film Award in the European Film Awards.

  • For A Woman

For A Woman which is also known as Pour Une Femme can be described as an unusual love story of its time. The movie portrays compassion, heartbreak and everything else that come in the way.

  • Trollhunter

A Norwegian with the theme of dark fantasy portraying a student group investigating a bunch of animal killings that are mysterious.  The story takes the most interesting turn when the students decide to pair up with a Troll Hunter.

  • Life Is Beautiful

Life Is Beautiful is one great movie of its time and has bagged awards like the Academy Awards and the Grand Prix at Cannes Film Festival, 1998. The movie revolves around an owner of a bookshop trying to protect his child from fearing internment in the concentration camp of Nazis through imagination.

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