Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs and Their Meanings

Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs and Their Meanings

After a decade in the pop music industry, Taylor Swift has established herself as one of the most accomplished singers and songwriters of her generation. Swift has always written songs about herself, but as her stardom grew, her songwriting themes shifted from ordinary high school drama to very famous people.

Taylor Swift Songs and Their Meanings 

  1. Look What You Made Me Do

“Look What You Made Me Do,” the first single from Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation, features a heel flip. In the edgy dance-pop song, Taylor sings of seeking justice and payback on several unidentified antagonists. Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Katy Perry are just a few of the celebrities she could be referring to.

Top 5 Taylor Swift Songs and Their Meanings

Swift begins the song by describing a person who made her appear “fool.” Fans believe she is referring to Kanye West. The two musicians have had an on-again, off-again rivalry since West stormed the MTV VMA stage in 2009 to interrupt her victory speech for the best female clip. He believed Beyoncé, not Taylor, deserved to win the award.

Swift incorporates a voicemail answer phone sound amid the song to discuss letting go of one’s prior self. The phrase is thought to be a reference to Swift and West’s phone conversation about his song “Famous,” according to fans. During the phone discussion, Swift appears to endorse some of the lines that were later revealed by Kim Kardashian, but she did not approve of what he eventually released.

  1. Are You Ready For It?

The question is, “Are You Ready For It?” Taylor Swift appears to have two different personalities. The phrases are a strong, sarcastic description of her cruel side, and how, no matter what, she’ll go after and take the person she desires. On the other hand, the chorus exposes a softer, more emotional side of her, craving the grandeur and joy of a devoted partnership.

Both sides want the same thing but aren’t actively looking for it, which gives “…Ready For It?” a unique tone.

Taylor is given the chance to define herself through the eyes of the man she admires. She’s a “robber” who “hearts” and “runs away without saying sorry.” This is most likely owing to her public image as a serial dater. 

  1. Wildest Dreams

Swift’s heartbeat serves as the track’s rhythm, which is especially noticeable in the first 12 seconds of the song, indicating the sentimental significance Taylor Swift places on it.

The film “Wildest Dreams” tells the story of a hopeless romantic. Taylor, on the other hand, is adamant about keeping it. He’s not only attractive, but he’s also her ideal partner. Even though they are still dating, Swift envisions the end of their relationship and wishes that this boy will not forget her totally, according to the lyrics.

She’ll go ahead and let him leave, but only on “one condition,” as the lyric states. She needs him to remember how much fun they had together and that it wasn’t all in vain – that he wasn’t the one fooling her.

  1. ME!

The enthusiasm surrounding these lyrics came from the fact that they are about “me,” and how “I” am is fantastic, but it’s all placed in the early stages of a relationship, which complicates things. This isn’t necessarily a terrible thing; in fact, it’s admirable that this song tries to establish a person’s worth before saying, “Let’s go be in a relationship.”

Taylor Swift Sets Vevo Record With 'ME!' Video Premiere - Rolling Stone

She’s making a list of all the disadvantages, which is something we all do regularly, almost as if we’re trying to sell someone something or persuade them of something. 

As a result, it appears to us that Taylor and Brendon are conversing about themselves, at least to some extent, almost like self-therapy, and since it’s a pop record, it’s likely intended for other people to sing along as well, making it feel very appropriately written, perhaps with a few of their less confident listeners in mind.

  1. 22

Taylor expressed in song 22 that she was going through all of the normal feelings and doing all of the normal activities that come with being 22. For her, this means being happy, conflicted, and lonely all at the same time.

She is independent and peaceful because 22 is one of the first ages when you appear to have fully grown adult freedom and rights and can do whatever you wanted to do as an adolescent but couldn’t because of the law or your parents’ rules, such as eating cereal after midnight, having a relationship with random men, and going on a date with someone who appears to be a bad guy.

Since we are inexperienced and everything is new to us, we are prone to get carried away. However, part of the tension that comes with turning 22 has left her perplexed and lonely.

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