Hunt for the 8 best street food in Kolkata

Are you a Foodie like the rest of us and in search of the best street food in Kolkata?

Kolkata, India’s Cultural Capital, is a foodie’s paradise, particularly for sweet tooths. The spicy, acidic, and totally mouth-watering street food of Kolkata will leave you perplexed as to whether you prefer the hot Bengali cuisine or the melting tastes of the sweetmeats. You’ll be spoiled for choice when you consider the traditional Chinese and Tibetan cuisine available here.

Here’s our pick of five of the most popular street food in Kolkata:


Puchkas are unquestionably the most famous street food in Kolkata. Stuffed with mashed potatoes, spices, and then filled with tamarind chutney, pickled water, pudina, and lime. They are related to golgappas, however they differ from gol gappas and pani puris in that they have a distinctive Kolkata flavour.

Dilipda’s phuchkas at Vivekananda Market, Krisnakant Sharma’s stall in Vardan Market, Kiosk near Triangular Park, Ram Gupta’s Booth at Victoria Memorial, Nankuram Gupta’s stall at Russell Street, Bada Phuchkawalla in New Alipore are some of the best places to try.

How much does a plate of Puchkas cost in Kolkata?

A plate typically costs INR 30 and they will serve you 6 pieces. So, in under INR 100, you could look at getting stuffed.


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Jhalmuri is a delectable street meal that may be found in every nook and cranny of the city. Puffed rice, namkeen, peanuts, coriander, onions, tomatoes, spices, chilies, and other ingredients are thrown together in this snack.

It’s the quickest and greatest street food in Kolkata because it doesn’t require any oil or frying. The finished product is wrapped in a conical newspaper wrap and served. It’s great with a cup of hot tea or just to snack on while on the go.

Jawaharlal Nehru Road and Triangular Park are two of the best sites to visit. These two are anyway some of the best street food places in Kolkata.

How much does a Jhalmuri cost in Kolkata?

A portion of Jhalmuri can cost anything between INR 10 and 50 depending where you are getting it from.

Mughlai Paratha

This is a dish that originated in Mughal Empire.

Mughlai paratha is a flatbread loaded with chicken keema and broken cutlets, as well as onions and eggs. This is one of Kolkata’s most full and soul-satisfying street foods. Mughlai paratha is worth trying and can be found in practically every part of the city.

Anandi Cabin is the best place to try.

How much does Mughlai Paratha cost in Kolkata?

You can get great Mughlai parathas starting at INR 100.

Ghoti Gorom

Ghoti Gorom is a delicious blend of Chanachur, lemon juice, and onion. This street cuisine is one of the most popular in Kolkata, with the best spicy and sweet flavours. If you’re hungry, buy one packet and eat it until you get at your destination.

Princep Ghat is the best place to try.

Cutlet Kobiraji (Kobiraji Cutlet)

A vacation to Kolkata for non-vegetarians is not complete without trying the famed Kabiraji cutlet, which is well worth the money. The cutlet is made with minced mutton that is wrapped in egg net and deep fried. The Kabiraji cutlet is a must-try among the excellent street meals offered here.

Mitra Café is the best place to try it.

Kathi Rolls

UNITE, all you roll fans! Because Kolkata’s Kathi Rolls are anything but ordinary. They have egg, mutton, chicken, and paneer, to mention a few. A flaky flour paratha is stuffed with your favourite stuffing, which is filled with enticing sauces, spices, and vegetables.

Just one serving of delicious Kolkata street food will fill your stomach and satisfy your taste buds.


Crushed puchka, mashed potatoes, onions, spices, and, of course, tetul gola – tamarind pulp – make up this Kolkata street meal, which is similar to Phuchka. Churmur is easier to eat than Phuchka. Churmur is a must-try when visiting Kolkata’s street food scene.

Maharaja Chaat Centre on Southern Avenue and Bhawanipore are two of the best sites to visit.

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