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Travelling in India? Know more about some gems of Rajasthan!

If you are thinking of travelling in India, then read on to find some hidden amazing yet undiscovered locations in Rajasthan!

An avid traveller is someone who is open to try new things and is always looking for ways to broaden their horizons. And visiting the same popular areas over and over will not increase your horizons or broaden your worldview. Because there is a world beyond the so-called popular sites, and they, too, have fascinating stories to share, whether about history, bravery, or spirituality.

Who knows whether any of these off-the-beat destinations will not become huge tourist attractions in the future? So, why not visit these lesser-known but equally lovely locations now when you’re travelling in India, so you can talk about them when they become famous?

Ajmer, Jaipur, Udaipur, and Jaisalmer, to name a few, are popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan. However, if you are willing to search beyond the tourist traps, you will discover a plethora of alternative attractions that may provide you with a taste of everything Rajasthan is known for: palaces, forts, camels, and elephants.

Here are a few quirky Rajasthan destinations to add to your bucket list:


The district of Banwara is covered in bamboo grooves, which is how it got its name. It is a tribal area populated primarily by Bhils. Banswara, located halfway between Udaipur and Chittaurgarh, is the site of an ancient city that is now in ruins. A stone wall separates the city from the rest of the world. Former monarchs’ palaces tower majestically overlooking the rubble below.

The City Palace, which is a typical example of Rajput architecture; Anand Sagar Lake, an artificial lake located on the eastern parts of the district; and Madareshwar, a grand temple of Lord Shiva that sits majestically amidst picturesque natural beauty, are just a few of the important places you can visit here. We urge you to put this in your travel bucket!


Mahansar is a charming tiny town in Shekhawati, a relatively newcomer to the tourism circuit. The town, which was founded in 1768 and is around 40 kilometres from Jhunjhunu, never fails to make you grin with its incredible collection of beautiful artwork & paintings.

Sone Chand ki Dukan, which dates from the 18th century, holds the distinction of being Mahansar’s most popular attraction. The haveli’s walls are adorned with vibrant artwork that feature delicate golden leaves weaved throughout.

The haveli also has three vaulted ceilings with carved scenes from the Ramayana and Krishna’s life, giving it a magnificent appearance. There are numerous other havelis to visit besides Sone Chand ki Dukan. Raghunath Temple and the Dancing Halls are two other important sights worth visiting.


Karauli, a prominent tourist spot visited by people from all over the country, is one of Rajasthan’s most visited quirky destinations. The town’s environs are historically significant and include places like Kailadevi Temple, Madan Mohan Temple, Mandrayal Fort, and others.

There are also many luxurious spots to unwind and enjoy your vacation with family, friends, or your spouse. Karauli will provide you with a once-in-a-lifetime experience and allow you to make lasting memories.


Kuldhara, a ghost town in Rajasthan, is one of the most famous unusual attractions in Rajasthan. This location gives you a glimpse into the lives of the people who once lived in the castles and forts you’ll see.

The village has an intriguing backstory, but it still has a lovely and creepy appearance. This location is shrouded in a cloak of mystery, with tales of ghosts and paranormal phenomena.


This village, which gets its name from the river Jawai, attracts visitors and is one of Rajasthan’s most fascinating eccentric destinations. Jawai is a lovely place surrounded by granite cliffs and hills.

Leopards, birds, and crocodiles can all be seen in sanctuaries. Jawai is also known as a winter haven for migratory birds, with panthers, hyenas, chinkaras, and other animals inhabiting the area. Make the most of your time in Rajasthan by visiting this off-the-beaten-path spot.

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