10 Incredible Exotic Flavors of Delhi

Have you ever been to Delhi? If you said yes, you must have tried the exotic flavors of Delhi? If not, make a note of all the foods listed in the article. Exotic tastes flourish in Delhi’s street food. You can also see regional variations in your meals.

If you ever get the opportunity to visit Delhi, you must try out these exotic flavors of Delhi. What exactly are these foods? Do you want to know more about them? To do so, you must read this article.

You may discover their names and try out these exotic flavors when you are in Delhi.  All of them will have a delicious and distinctive flavor. Let’s take a tour of Delhi and taste some unique exotic delicacies without wasting any time.

10 Exotic Flavors of Delhi

  1. Pizzas at Kents, Defence Colony Market: 

Flavors manage to deliver impeccable pizzas from its wood-fired oven at any time of the day. Our favorite is the Vegetarian Piri Piri.

  1.  Khao Suey at Burma Burma, Select Citywalk

It’s a vegetarians paradise, and at times impossible to get into the restaurant, but this Burmese delicacy is Delhi’s winter must-have. Burma Burma is a pure vegetarian restaurant and one of the few places in the city focused on making authentic Burmese cuisine.

  1.  Patrani Mekong Basa, Indian Accent

Chef Manish Mehrotra, whose award-winning restaurant at The Lodhi Hotel has put Indian food on the map throughout the world, is a culinary marvel. Indian Accent offers a gastronomical delight with its unique touch on classic Indian dishes including Chicken Khurchan, Phulka Taco, and Daulat Ki Chaat.

The Patrani Mekong Basa is a must-try. It’s as if the fish has just sprung out of the water, it melts in the mouth, and the masala doesn’t get in the way. The paneer pinwheels are a must-try for vegetarians.

  1.  Black Cod with Miso at 360 Degrees, The Oberoi: 

When the fish is silken and the sauce is made to be perfect, you won’t miss Nobu, where it was invented.

  1. Stalin’s Beard at Nanking, Opp. DPS Vasant Kunj: 

Potato has never tasted better. Even among their brilliantly innovative dim sum, this one stands out.

  1. Peking Duck at China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency: 

This is justifiably the restaurant’s signature dish. The slivers of duck melt in the mouth, for the chefs, prepare the bird by pumping air into it. It is one major experience. This is the most special mention among the exotic flavors of Delhi, a must-try!

  1. King Prawns at Sana Di Ge, Chanakyapuri: 

There’s something about the Prawns, Watermelon Bramble, Mushroom Varuval, Drumstick Soup, Mangalorean Mutton Curry, Sambharam and Kerala Appam that stays in your edible memory. Nothing can replace these dishes, it is made of something out of this world or maybe, with the unique exotic flavors of Delhi, which can’t be found anywhere else around the globe.

  1. Hamachi at Kofuku, Ansal Plaza Mall:

We thought it was impossible to get these Hamachi outside Japan, this yellowtail Nigiri at Kofuku is one of the unique exotic flavors of Delhi.

  1. Peking Duck at Spicy Duck, Taj Palace:

Best for Peking duck, fried chicken and fried prawns. A lot of visitors have loved their tasty mango sago, mango dessert and mango ice cream here. The Spicy Duck will provide you with a taste of real Chinese cuisine while also captivating your senses with its vibrant and dapper decor. We think the restaurant was called aptly since ‘duck’ denotes happiness and freedom in Chinese culture.

  1. Pan Asian delicacies at The Spice Route:

The Spice Route, one of Delhi’s premier fine dining restaurants, is noted for its authentic decor and Pan Asian dishes. This restaurant took a long time to build, since every component of it is hand-painted, and it’s a pleasure to behold their work. The entire restaurant is divided into nine sections, each depicting a human’s journey through life. The food and design are inspired by ‘The Spice Route,’ gracefully making its way to the top 10 must-try exotic flavors of Delhi. The Spice Route is a trade route for spices from East Asian countries to Kerala, where they are supplied for the rest of the world.

A few of the restaurants listed above are among the best fine dining restaurants in Delhi, and while they are expensive, they are well worth it. You’ll find a great blend of delicious beverages, amazing food, excellent service, and a lovely ambiance.

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