A man from Kerala was found guilty of the murder of his wife and two of their children by a court in the United Kingdom.

An expatriate from Kerala named Saju Chelavalel was found guilty of murdering his wife, Anju, and their two children in the United Kingdom in December of last year. He was given a sentence of forty years in prison for the crimes.


Saju Chelavalel, a 52-year-old expatriate from Kerala, was found guilty of causing the deaths of his wife and two children and was sentenced to forty years in prison by a local court in London. During the proceedings of the trial in Northampton, Saju made a confession of guilt about the claims. In December of the previous year, when emergency workers responded to a distress call from the family’s home in Kettering, they heard about the tragedy and discovered that several members of the family had sustained serious injuries. When they came, they discovered the bodies of Saju’s wife, Anju Asok, who was 35 years old, together with the bodies of their children, Jeeva Saju, who was 6, and Janvi Saju, who was 4.

As a result of the post-mortem examinations performed at the Leicester Royal Infirmary, it was found that all three of the victims had passed away from asphyxiation brought on by being strangled. Saju entered a guilty plea for all three of the murder charges he was facing in the Northampton Crown Court.

Anju Asok, who was a nurse at the orthopaedic division at Kettering General Hospital, had worked there ever since the year 2021. She was born and raised in the village of Vaikom, which is located in the Kottayam region of Kerala. She was recognised for her dedication and compassion by the hospital, which referred to her as a “staff nurse.” After Anju completed her education, she got work as a nurse at Amrita Hospital in Kochi. After that, she worked for a few years in Saudi Arabia, relocated to Vaikom to study for the International English Language Testing System exam, and then eventually found work in Kettering.

There were rumours that Saju was suffering from serious mental stress as a direct result of the lack of career opportunities in the UK. The year 2012 marked the year of the couple’s wedding. Saju was born and raised in the village of Kombanpara, which is located in Kannur’s Padiyoor panchayat. Newspaper personal ads in the matrimony section helped Anju locate him. After finishing Class 12, Saju moved away from his family and got work as a driver in Bengaluru. After some time, he found work as a driver at a business based in Saudi Arabia. At that moment, Anju married Saju.