Survivors of the “Car Crash” in Meerut include former Indian fast bowler Praveen Kumar and his children.

When their SUV was involved in a collision with a trailer truck in Meerut, former Indian fast bowler Praveen Kumar and his kid narrowly escaped a catastrophic event.

Indian fast bowler Praveen Kumar

During their narrow escape from a car incident in Meerut, former Indian pacer Praveen Kumar and his kid were with them. On Tuesday evening, the tragedy took place as a result of a collision between their SUV and a trailer truck. The collision brought to mind Rishabh Pant’s terrifying car accident from the previous year. Praveen Kumar, who had a successful international career and played for India in six Tests, 68 ODIs, and ten T20s, has confirmed that he and his kid are both doing well. Praveen Kumar also played for India in ten T20s.

“We count ourselves extremely fortunate that the damage wasn’t more extensive. Thanks be to God, we have escaped harm, and I am able to have this conversation with you. At approximately 9:30 in the evening, a huge truck hit my car from behind while I was on my way to drop off my nephew. “It’s a good thing the car was on the larger side because, if it hadn’t been, there might have been some injuries,” said Praveen Kumar, who lives in Meerut with his family.

At first, Kumar thought that the only part of the automobile that was damaged was the bumper, but after inspecting the vehicle, it was obvious that it had sustained severe damage.

After falling asleep behind the wheel while driving on the motorway between Delhi and Dehradun in June of the previous year, wicket-keeper and batsman Rishabh Pant had similarly experienced a fortunate escape. After crashing into a traffic divider, his expensive car caught fire, and as a result, other people were seriously hurt. Since then, Pant has been participating in rehabilitation.

An adventurous international career that extended five years for Kumar, who was famous for his outstanding ability to swing the ball, led to Kumar’s exceptional reputation. The accomplished bowler disclosed his struggle with depression in 2020, but he has since made a full recovery from the condition.

Chris Gayle, a prominent player for the West Indies, was also present when Kumar recently made an appearance at a promotional event in the nation’s capital.

Although Kumar has voiced his wish to give back to the sport, he has verified that he is not participating in any coaching efforts at this time. In his hometown, he runs a real estate company in addition to a restaurant that he owns.