Tumkur: Protests break out over the worshipping of a temple next to a mosque; officials become middlemen in an effort to ease the situation

As a result of worship taking place at a temple next to a mosque in the village of Kesaramadu located in Tumkur, communal tensions occur in the area. Officials go in to act as mediators and bring calm to the situation. They then meet with prominent members of the community to discuss the problem and discuss ways to preserve peace and harmony.


A disagreement regarding the practise of worshipping at the Karagalamma temple next to a mosque has led to the emergence of communal strife in the Kesaramadu hamlet of Tumkur. The location has been blocked off by the police, and officials have held a meeting to discuss the incident that occurred there.

Tensions rose during the Kesaramadu village fair as a result of Muslim opposition to Hindus performing Pooja (worship) at the Karagalamma temple while the fair was in progress. The fair is considered to be the origin of the war. The proximity of the temple to the mosque eventually developed into a point of contention.

The situation in the village is currently very tense as a result of the occurrence. Muslim leaders, who say that they have orders from the High Court barring the worship at the temple, have voiced their opposition to the Karagalamma fair, which has been a tradition for the past 16 years.

In order to bring some calm to the situation, the authorities, comprising the Tahasildar and the Subdivisional officers, held a meeting. They warned the villagers not to continue with the worship since the High Court had issued an order against doing so. The public was exhorted by the government to uphold the community’s tradition of peaceful coexistence and harmony.

Because of the issue’s escalation, both communities are now required to take responsibility for easing the tensions that are prevalent in the society. The residents have been given the assurance that the Tahasildar will bring the matter to the attention of the District Commissioner. Workers, village leaders, and elders were present at the meeting that was conducted in the office of the Tahasildar. The meeting was attended by Sub-Divisional Officers, Sub-Divisional Officers of Police, District BJP President Ravi Shankar, Hebbaka Rudresh, and others.

While efforts are being made to establish an agreement and restore harmony between the two communities, it is important to respect the legal responsibilities that come along with participating in worship at the Karagalamma temple.