Afghans are resisting Taliban

During the last week, the fighters fighting against the Taliban drove the group and captured 3 districts. This has been the most important armed conflict for the Taliban since they had seized control of Afghanistan. These districts are in Panjshir Valley which was also the primary bastion for resisting during the Taliban rule back from 1996-2001.

As the location is situated in an isolated area to the northern side of Kabul, the analysts suggest the resistance for carving a line towards the neighbour countries including Tajikistan in the North, to create supply routes.

About 7 people were assassinated in Kabul on Friday, i.e. 20th of August, 2021 being quashed by the terrified crowds trying to enter the airport in Kabul.

The US administration has said that it is going to end list about eighteen airliners out of six airlines so that it can provide assistance in the efforts of evacuation.

This is also the third time when the government of the United States has thought of utilising the Civil Reserve Air Fleet which was established during the Second World War. The aircraft is not going to reach Kabul what it will focus on the evacuees who are transported to the locations that come in the midway.

According to the Pentagon officials, since the previous week, 17000 individuals had been evacuated which also included 2500 Americans. However, it is still not clear about the number of Americans who are yet to be evacuated. According to the early estimations around 10000 to 15000 Americans were present in Afghanistan when the control was seized by the Taliban.

What is the current situation?

On Monday, the district Chief of Taliban’s Banu district was assassinated along with other fifty fighters in a fight with the resistance fighters in Andarab.

According to one of the Reuter reports, the three districts that were captured by the resistance fighters last week have been recaptured by the Taliban.

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