ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Final, PAK vs ENG

England defeated Pakistan by five wickets in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 championship match on Sunday in Melbourne. Here are the English players’ comments after winning the competition’s second title.

Both teams gave a passionate performance. However, England was able to maintain composure better as it defeated Pakistan by five wickets in the ICC T20 World Cup 2022 Final on Sunday at the storied Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). While all-rounder Ben Stokes was the Three Lions’ star with the bat, bowler Sam Curran also shone, earning him both Player of the Match and Player of the Tournament honours. Here are the English players’ reactions after winning the T20 World Cup for the second time in the interim.

Richard Brook: “With this team, I’ve always believed we could win the World Cup. It was a fantastic day.”

Corey Woakes “Although we are happy about this, we have lost a couple games in Australia. The bowlers had few options thanks to the wicket. The situation contributed and somewhat defeated us.”

Mr. Ben Stokes “The hard effort that went into getting to the finals, especially when chasing, is often forgotten. Adil Rashid and Sam Curran’s bowling won the game for us. A tough wicket, that one. You never felt at home. Therefore, bowlers must take a lot of the credit for keeping them at 130 or so. Due to the fact that the setback against Ireland occurred so early in the campaign, we had to acknowledge it, tell the truth, and then move on.”

“In competitions like these, you are not permitted to bring luggage. That was a brief hiccup on the road. Ireland deserves credit for showing up and defeating us, but the top teams are able to recover from their errors and move on. Quite enjoyable evening. It is amazing to represent your nation at World Cups, but it has been successful.”

Mohammed Ali “One of my best days ever playing cricket is right now. We earned it as a unit. We’ve played some outstanding cricket throughout the years, but we’ve also come up short. Still, winning against a strong Pakistani team today and in the semifinals is an incredible experience, especially in front of friends and family. It was all about maintaining my focus, staying upbeat, and preserving my intent; this was the ideal balance for Stokesy. He made some outstanding plays and formed a vital alliance.”

By Alex Hales “I didn’t believe my moment would ever arrive again. a truly wonderful feeling. Even though the last six to eight weeks have been incredibly memorable and delightful, today is the cherry on top. I did take my time since Pakistan had a strong bowling attack and it took me some time to settle in. I had fun at this event and did well in the games that mattered. It wasn’t too horrible; my feet weren’t stuck in anything, and the ball was playable.”

Samuel Curran “I don’t believe I ought to be receiving this. Ben Stokes should get this trophy in my opinion because of the way he performed there, scoring fifty in the final and doing so frequently for our team. This is a special occasion that we will all appreciate. Big square boundaries made me confident that my into-the-wicket bowling would be effective in getting them to hit a square of the wicket.”

“The wicket, in our opinion, should have been much better. It was difficult to chase because it was scurrying all over the place. I approach the wicket with my slower balls to confuse the batsmen. How awesome that we are world champions. Amazingly unique [to have Stokes]. I admire him greatly because he always shows up when the team needs him. Although he is questioned, he is not questioned. He is the one.”

“Sincerely, I am at a loss for words. The competition has been excellent. It was my first World Cup, and we prevailed. incredible crowd Coming into the tournament, I wanted to be flexible. I want to keep becoming better at death bowling because I haven’t done it much previously. Although it takes a lot of work to go to bat in this lineup, I want to improve my batting. How wonderful to be the World Champion!”

Mr. Jos Buttler “It serves as [the cherry on top]. The T20 World Cup victory makes everyone in this room incredibly happy. We have made some modifications along the way, but we are now beginning to see the benefits of how we have played over the past few years. The tournament was excellent.”

“Although it felt far away after the Ireland game since we had just returned from Pakistan, which was an important period for the team, our character in subsequent must-win games has been amazing. Matty Motts has integrated well. He has managed the coaching staff well, giving the players a lot of flexibility. This tournament includes a few Australians on the coaching staff.”

“massive change in the game. Adil did a terrific job with that. He is the one who simply makes things happen, and his performance was excellent. He has been brilliant for us in the previous three games. They were bowling at a good pace, which was not at all easy, and there was some movement when you struck the appropriate length.”

“We were able to get off to a fast start that limited the run rate, and we also hit deep. And, once more, Ben Stokes appears towards the conclusion. He has the experience to rely on and is the ultimate competitor in all he does. He timed it just so. He and Moeen Ali had just taken Pakistan’s motivation away.”