Lionel Messi has revealed that his relationship with the fans of Paris Saint-Germain has been strained.

Lionel Messi has provided some insight into his experiences and the difficulties he faced while playing for Paris Saint-Germain. The well-known footballer admitted that his relationship with some Paris Saint-Germain supporters had deteriorated, which resulted in a discernible change in the manner in which they interacted with him.

Paris Saint-Germain

Lionel Messi has stated that a significant section of the Paris St. Germain fans started treating him in a different manner, which caused a strain in his relationship with the fans of the football club.

Reports claim that Lionel Messi said, “Certain individuals among the Paris supporters began treating me differently.” I believe that the majority still perceive and engage with me in the same manner that they did initially, but there was a rift within a significant portion of the Paris fans, which was certainly unexpected on my side, rather the reverse.”

“It occurred in the same way that it had occurred in the past with Mbappe and with Neymar. I’m aware that they always act in such a manner.

“I’ll take away with me the people who respected me, just as I’ve always respected everyone since the day I arrived, and that’s all.”

Messi was met with hatred from certain PSG fans after getting a suspension for an unauthorised travel to Saudi Arabia, and he was met with additional animosity during his final match with the team that won the Ligue 1 championship.

Following his move to Paris in 2021 from Barcelona in 2021, Messi confessed, during a detailed interview, that he had great difficulties in adjusting to life in Paris, both on and off the pitch. Messi’s transfer from Barcelona occurred in 2021. Because there was no preseason and there was a pause for a whole month because of Covid, things got even more complex.

On the other hand, he noted that he felt “very at ease” at the beginning of his second season at Parc des Princes, but he emphasised that the World Cup success had a significant impact on how the supporters greeted him.