Trent Boult of RR, who formerly had a contract with New Zealand but has since renounced it, has expressed a “big desire” to participate in the ODI World Cup in India in 2023.

Trent Boult, who plays for Rajasthan Royals, terminated his contract with New Zealand in August of last year so that he could spend more time with his family and continue to compete in franchise cricket throughout the world.

Trent Boult of RR

Even though he chose not to sign a contract with New Zealand, the pacer Trent Boult still has a “big desire” to participate in the One-Day International World Cup that will be held in India at the end of this year. He has seen a “little bit of movement” in that direction as of late.

Boult terminated his contract with New Zealand in August of last year so that he could spend more time with his family and continue to play cricket for various franchises around the world.

Since the Twenty20 World Cup that took place the previous year, the 33-year-old player has not been selected for the national team since the selectors would rather provide more opportunities to contractual players.

“I haven’t lost that burning desire to compete for New Zealand,” he said. It is what it is: I have chosen a course of action. I’ve been privileged to enjoy a career with the Black Caps that has spanned 13 years, and to tell you the truth, I still have a strong ambition to compete in the World Cup. Boult told ESPNcricinfo on the sidelines of his Indian Premier League stint with Rajasthan Royals, “we’ll see how that unfolds: there’s still a bit of movement in the landscape at the moment.” Boult is now playing for Rajasthan Royals.

Boult believes that his team has a decent opportunity of going all the way in the ICC event that will take place in October and November. The World Cup final between New Zealand and England had ended in heartbreaking defeat for New Zealand. England won the tournament.

“I recall telling Kane [Williamson] after the 2019 final that we have to be there again when it’s held in India in 2023. It’s unfortunate that he’s having issues with his knee, but you can be sure that he’ll put in as much effort as he can to try to make it. This is such a fantastic competition. In reference to the injury Williamson sustained at the beginning of the Indian Premier League, he stated, “One hundred percent, I’ve got that desire to be out there.”

“We are a fantastic squad for the one-day format. We have certain players who have been to India and gained a lot of experience playing in those conditions, and ultimately, that is what it comes down to in World Cup competition. You can’t buy experience, and you can’t find players who can replace those who have been on the road for so many years under these conditions.

The proliferation of leagues all around the world has resulted in a calendar that is busier than it has ever been. Boult, a player who competes in leagues all over the world, mentioned that it will be fascinating to observe how the schedule develops over the next couple of years.

“I believe that both franchise cricket and international cricket are going through an intriguing period right now. The leagues are experiencing a great deal of change at the moment, but the most important thing to consider is how they will develop over the next few years.