After a weekend sell-off, the prices of cryptocurrencies have continued to fall.

 Cryptocurrency prices today: Ether fell by more than 4%, while dogecoin fell by more than 6% and Shiba Inu fell by 8%. After a harsh weekend in which the price of the world’s largest and most popular digital token lost nearly a fifth of its value, cryptocurrency prices have plummeted today, with Bitcoin trading below … Read more

As the crypto market plummets, a Bitcoin trader lost $2.5 billion in just 24 hours.

A Bitcoin trader lost at least USD $2.5 billion in a single day as the cryptocurrency market collapsed by 16.5 percent on Saturday. In the early hours of Saturday morning, the mystery trader, who owns 288,000 Bitcoin, experienced massive losses. On Friday, the trader had $16.29 billion in Bitcoin, according to BitInofCharts. The crypto market … Read more

Cryptocurrency worth Rs 899 crore was stolen from BadgerDAO.

On Wednesday, almost $120 million (approximately Rs 899 crore) was stolen from several cryptocurrency wallets on BadgerDAO, a decentralised finance network. BadgerDAO is a DAO that allows Bitcoin to be used as collateral in DeFi applications. Simply, Bitcoin can be used to secure loans. BadgerDAO is based on the Ethereum network and offers vaults for … Read more

The Crypto Asset Bill proposes to prohibit the use of crypto as a medium of exchange.

The crypto bill, which will be introduced in the Parliament’s winter session, aims to create a legislative framework for the rapidly developing crypto market. The Crypto Asset Bill intends to make it illegal to use crypto assets as currency replacements or as remittance payment systems. According to NDTV, the bill also proposes to create a … Read more

Shiba Inu, Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ether, As the global crypto market cap falls, expect big drops.

Despite signs of recovery on Thursday morning, bitcoin prices have continued to fall. Bitcoin is presently trading at $60,879 (approximately Rs. 45.2 lakh) on Indian market CoinSwitch Kuber, while the most popular cryptocurrency is valued at $55,950 on worldwide platforms like CoinMarketCap (roughly Rs. 41.5 lakh). In terms of percentages, Bitcoin has dropped 7.55 percent … Read more

On television, cricket matches garnered the most bitcoin ads.

This year, cryptocurrency commercials, which are being increasingly scrutinised, were widely featured on TV channels, particularly during the broadcast of cricket competitions. According to AdEx India, a branch of TAM Media Research, a television audience measurement analysis organisation, over 85% of bitcoin commercials shown on TV this year were on sports channels. News networks accounted … Read more

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, has revealed that he isn’t the owner of any cryptocurrency.

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google and its parent company Alphabet, feels that the humble search bar, which has stayed constant over the years, is the key to the Internet’s future. In an interview with Bloomberg Television’s Emily Chang for the Bloomberg New Economy Forum in Singapore, Pichai said, “I feel lucky our objective is … Read more

Investors in cryptocurrencies rush to tax professionals for clarification on taxation.

New Delhi, India: As the government considers enacting a cryptocurrency law, those who already invest or trade in this asset class are contacting their tax consultants for clarification on how the profit created from this investment would be taxed. According to the Economic Times, which cited tax specialists, investors want to know the income tax … Read more

The Nations Should Ensure Crypto Does Not Go Into The Wrong Hands, said the PM.

Narendra Modi stated that it is critical for all democratic nations to collaborate on cryptocurrencies and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, which could harm our youth. New Delhi, India: Prime Minister Narendra Modi made his first public comments on cryptocurrencies today, saying that the world’s democracies must work together to … Read more

What are crypto scams, how do you spot them, and how do you keep safe?

According to statistics, India currently has the biggest number of cryptocurrency owners in the world, with over 10 crore people holding the digital money. However, before you go on the crypto bandwagon, you should be aware that, like many other investing opportunities, crypto is not without danger. Crypto scams are also on the rise, with … Read more