8 Famous food places in Delhi

If you’re a foodie and have recently relocated to Delhi, you have arrived in the right place. The Capital city has it all, from the best street food to unlimited fine dining options.

For all you newbies out there, we’ve compiled a list of famous food places in Delhi. This should help you find some tasty food as you navigate your way through this massive city.

Paranthe Wali Gali

Paranthe wale galli, Delhi. famous food places in delhi

If you only go to one place, make it Paranthe Wali Galli, especially if you’re a vegetarian. Several small shops serve delicious Paranthe that are fresh, hot and come in a variety of options. Some of the original shops have been in operation for more than 50 years.

Several celebrities, as well as influential politicians and businessmen frequent this crowded spot in the evening and into the night.

Pandara Road

Pandara Road, Delhi

Pandara Road, which is very close to India Gate, has some of the best restaurants in Delhi. This is a relatively expensive neighbourhood, but it is home to some of the city’s best fine dining establishments.

Have More, Gulati, and Chicken Inn are all excellent choices. Ichiban is a great place to go if you’re craving Asian food. If you’re a vegetarian, you should check out Veg Gulati. Be sure to reach in time to avoid the rush and long ques that throng this neighbourhood.

South Campus

South Campus, Delhi

If you’re a college student or just looking for some delicious food on a budget, South Campus has a couple of amazing cafes and is a great place  to visit.

The cafes in this area primarily serve shakes, fast food, and American and Italian cuisines. Scooter on the Wall, Big Yellow Door, and QD’s are three of our favourites. Try one of these restaurants for some delicious food.

North Campus

North Campus has it all, whether you’re looking for street food,  fast food, or multi-cuisine dining.

Because this is a university area, the food is reasonably priced, and the numerous options serve delicious food. Bille Di Hatti, Momo’s Point, Chache Di Hatti, Bamboo Hut, Shagun Asian Eatery, and South Indian Cafe are among the restaurants we recommend.

Jama Masjid

Jama Masjid, Delhi

A trip to Delhi would be incomplete without a stop at Jama Masjid. If you eat meat and enjoy street food, the Jama Masjid neighbourhood is the place to be!

Some of the best non-vegetarian street food in Delhi can be found in Jama Masjid and the lane opposite Bazaar Matia Mahal. This area is a foodie’s paradise, with everything from keema samosas to grilled boti to kebabs and jalebis.

Connaught Place

connaught place, delhi

Connaught Place or CP as it is fondly referred to, is the place to go for food in Delhi, regardless of your budget, as it has something for everyone’s budget, from fine-dining establishments to the delectable local rajma chawal.

Connaught Place has some of the best restaurants in the city and offers a variety of cuisines, both local and international.

Kake Da Hotel, Parikrama, Jain Chawal Wale, and Minar are all must-try restaurants.

The Amar Colony

Amar colony, Delhi

Amar Colony is one of Delhi’s oldest neighbourhoods, and it’s famous for its delicious restaurants. Chhole Bhature is an excellent food to eat in Delhi, and it is especially good here.

Because the colony’s residents are Indians, Africans, and Afghans, the food options are diverse. Amar Colony is regarded as yet another foodie haven in Delhi.

Dolma Aunty Momos, Baba Nagpal Ke Chhole Bhature, Muttu South Indian Anna, Kulfiano, Gopala, and Queen’s Kitchen are our top picks in this category.

Dilli Haat

Dilli Haat, Delhi

Dilli Haat is well-known for its delicious food, in addition to its amazing collection of traditional clothing, jewellery, and handicrafts.

The place has small eateries from all over the country where you can quickly get different state delicacies, and it’s also reasonably priced!

The stalls here are from every state, and we highly recommend that you visit the location.

That brings us to the end of our list of the famous food places in Delhi’s that are the most popular. We hope this was helpful, and we can assure you that a visit to these places will be a great experience for every foodie.

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