Month: August 2021

  • Financial management for a young working woman

    Financial management for a young working woman

    In the recent generation, it has become very essential for young independent women to manage their finances so that they can enjoy their present while planning for their future. Times have changed, now, along with men even women are becoming independent financially to manage the finances of their family. Starting up with financial planning at […]

  • Covid’s Impact on Shipping Industry

    Covid’s Impact on Shipping Industry

    Covid-19 has affected lives and the economy globally. The logistics firms and the shipping industry which are responsible for the flow and movements of goods have also been affected directly by the ongoing pandemic. Being an important part of the value chains within the international borders and across the logistic forms are responsible for facilitating […]

  • 1500 Americans still in Afghanistan

    1500 Americans still in Afghanistan

    According to Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken, around 1,500 American citizens are in Afghanistan, with about a third of them in communication with the US administration and hoping to depart in the coming days. Mr. Blinken suggested that some of the remaining 1,000 people may not want to go, citing an ever-changing number that the […]

  • A step in the Green future of Ships

    A step in the Green future of Ships

    Maersk which is known as the biggest container shipper in the world is about to place an order of 1.4 billion$ in order to produce 8 new carbon-neutral fuelled ships. According to the Guardian, the move taken by the company is one of the largest steps that have been taken for decarbonizing the shipping industry […]

  • Kathy Hochul takes control

    Kathy Hochul takes control

    Hochul takes over the control On 24th August 2021, Kathy Hochul becomes the very 1st woman governor in the history of New York after taking over the control of the former governor Andrew Cuomo(D). The former governor Andrew Cuomo had allegations against him for sexual misconduct from not less than eleven women. Kathy Hochul had sworn […]

  • Charlie Watts passes away

    Charlie Watts passes away

    Charlie Watts, The Rolling Stones’ sole drummer for over six decades, died in London on Tuesday, according to TMZ. When Charlie died, he was at London’s Royal Marsden Hospital, and his wife of over 57 years, Shirley, was by his side. Earlier this month, the Stones revealed that Charlie, the band’s eldest member, will be […]

  • Afghans are resisting Taliban

    Afghans are resisting Taliban

    Locals in Afghanistan are resisting the Taliban takeover and fighting back

  • GoLocal launched by Walmart

    GoLocal launched by Walmart

    On Tuesday, Walmart announced the introduction of GoLocal, a delivery service that would transport products from other local merchants to customers. The retail giant stated that it plans to start delivering by the end of 2021, and that the deliveries would be made by using newer technology such as self-driving cars and drones. Tom Ward, Walmart’s senior vice […]

  • Should Social Media ban Taliban

    Should Social Media ban Taliban

    Should the Taliban be banned? If one found the decision of Social Media companies of banning the former US President Donald Trump problematic, it is nothing compared to the devastating web presence of the Taliban. When the Taliban were in power in the state of Afghanistan back from 1996 to 2001, only one per cent […]

  • Tesla in trouble?

    Tesla in trouble?

    After a series of incidents between emergency vehicles and Tesla models, US auto safety regulators began a formal safety investigation into Tesla Inc’s (TSLA.O) driving assistance system Autopilot on Monday. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Teslas “have encountered first responder scenes and subsequently hit one or more cars engaged with those […]