World’s Largest Airport, now Abandoned

The airport’s construction, which cost an estimated £658 million ($860 million), was done in advance of the Euro 2012 football tournament. Donetsk Airport had served as a major hub for about 1.1 million travellers the year before, up until a disastrous outbreak of conflict between separatist insurgents from the Donetsk People’s Republic and the Ukrainian … Read more

Lula Beats Bolsonaro In Brazil Voting

On Monday, Jair Bolsonaro fell to Lula in the presidential runoff, becoming the first leader to be ousted from office since the 1990s. Before him, the electorate re-elected presidents who sought a second term. A second four-year term had been won by Dilma Rousseff in 2014, Lula himself in 2006, and Fernando Henrique Cardoso in … Read more

Gujarat Bridge Collapses Killing 133

People were purposefully rocking a British-era bridge before it fell in Morbi, Gujarat, on Sunday night. After the bridge fell into the river, at least 130 people perished in Gujarat. CCTV footage captures a man swaying erratically and grabbing the cables on both sides just before the bridge fell at approximately 6.32 p.m. The video … Read more

Rashford’s celebration after scoring 100th Man United goal brings back young Ronaldo memories


In Sunday’s Premier League match at Old Trafford, Manchester United defeated West Ham 1-0 thanks to Marcus Rashford’s 100th goal for the club. And when the Englishman scored his 100th goal for the team against Stoke City in 2008, he did so in the same manner as legendary scorer Cristiano Ronaldo. Marcus Rashford’s goal, his … Read more

Cable Or Streaming: What to Choose?

Though streaming TV is more recent and flashier than cable or satellite, is it truly superior? Your eyes receive live and on-demand television from all three sources, but there are slight—and noticeable—differences. There are many channels and higher video quality on cable and satellite TV. However, live TV streaming options are less expensive, more adaptable, … Read more

Scientists Drained Niagara Falls in 1969 and Made a Startling Discovery

One of the most well-known tourist sites in North America for a long time in Niagara Falls. The thunderous waterfalls on the Canadian-American border date back more than 12,000 years. Millions of tourists visit the Falls annually to witness the 76,000 gallons of water that rush over them every second. However, in 1969, the water … Read more