Vegans are wonderful, but Bill Gates seems optimistic about future of plant-based foods

Vegans are wonderful, but Bill Gates seems optimistic about future of plant-based foods
Bill Gates

Redditors questioned the 67-year-old billionaire on a range of subjects, including the environment and veganism, which prompted Gates to express his confidence in plant-based meats. Even though their market share is now limited, Bill Gates predicted that these goods would someday be very good.

During his yearly Reddit Ask Me Anything session, Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft and philanthropist, shared his thoughts on the future of beef alternatives. The 67-year-old millionaire was quizzed by Redditors on a variety of topics, including the environment and veganism, which led Gates to share his love for plant-based proteins.

What are your thoughts on veganism and plant-based diets as a way to lessen the impact on the climate, according to one of the users? Gates replied to the discussion by saying: “There are businesses creating ‘beef’ in different ways and individuals working to keep using cows but limit the methane emissions.”

He continued, “I think these goods will be incredibly good someday, even if their market share is currently restricted.” According to Gates, he has backed the companies Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and Upside Foods that produce meat substitutes (formerly known as Memphis Meats). The billionaire was less upbeat about the likelihood that people in general will switch to vegetarianism to save the environment.

For those who want to become vegans, that is wonderful, but I don’t think the majority of people will, he stated. The philanthropist concluded his responses to questions regarding climate change by emphasising that, regardless of the topic under discussion, he feels it all comes down to cost.

He continued by listing “climate innovation” as one of his four priorities for 2023. During the AMA session, Gates also discussed his opinions on artificial intelligence, why he owns 275,000 acres of farmland, and his continuous support for Android.