In just 24 hours, this cryptocurrency increased by nearly 70,000 percent.

According to Coinmarketcap data, Kokoswap, a little-known cryptocurrency, soared from $0.01005 to $7.22 in just 24 hours on November 10, a whopping 71,000 percent increase.

Kokoswap is presently trading at $6.44, with a market capitalization of almost $2 billion (17:32 IST). The cryptocurrency market has been extremely turbulent in recent weeks, with massive price fluctuations.

On November 8, Kokoswap plummeted approximately 60,000 percent from $6.00 to $0.01017. The cryptocurrency trend among investors is growing by the day, as more people become aware of its dependability and sustainability.

The cryptocurrency community has had a good run in the last two years. However, some relatively fresh concepts within the crypto realm appear to have developed and dominated the scene with their lucrative qualities since the turn of the year.

KokoSwap is a decentralised platform that blends NFT trading and blockchain gaming to provide consumers with a smooth experience. The $KOKO token is used to power it. With essential features like NFTs, staking platform, and NFT gaming, the platform allows users to trade, invest, earn, play, and win.

It has also been one of the forerunners in the non-fungible token (NFT) area, and its numerous projects have earned it a reputation.

KokoSwap has sponsored a number of NFT events and assisted a number of well-known artists in launching their NFT collections on an invite-only marketplace. KokoSwap’s NFT game, in addition to the NFT marketplace, is a way to earn $KOKO tokens and produce passive revenue streams by staking digital assets like Ether and $KOKO.

KokoSwap just completed the transition from Ethereum to Binance Smart Chain on its Staking platform. While Ethereum has grown in popularity in recent years, its congestion issues and hefty gas fees have led to a steady movement away from the cryptocurrency.

KokoSwap claimed it has done its due research to provide the best possible experience to its users, despite the fact that a number of projects are looking for alternatives to the Ethereum Blockchain.

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